Urgent Village Meeting

The shenanigans over the proposed pig rearing industrial unit rage on. The original planning application for the unit in Burghwallis Park, adjoining Squirrel Wood campsite was rejected by the DMBC but a new application has now been submitted by the farmer involved.

A meeting is scheduled for 7pm on Monday 13th January in the Burghwallis Pub to bring everyone up to date.

The timing of the application, over the Christmas break when many people were away, has caused concern, as has the fact that the farmer has presented it as a new application. This means the 1000 objections raised by Burghwallis residents and those of surrounding villages for the original application and comments from other agencies are not carried forward to the new application – even though it is the same project. New objections must be raised.

Interestingly, although the pig unit proposal is slap bang next to the Squirrel Wood Campsite, the scouts have been remarkably quiet about raising any objection.

Please put the meeting in your diary and come along with neighbours and friends to support the village action.

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