Pig Farm Planning Application Update

Since the last update on 22nd May, matters have moved on apace.

Due to the large numbers of comments received by DMBC from the public and other interested bodies, the deadline for responses has been extended to 9th August. This is to allow the applicant more time to submit further information in the light of observations or questions asked by the respondents.

This also means that there is more time for the public to raise objections. To date, there are 167 objections registered from residents of Burghwallis and the surrounding area, and this is growing daily, largely due to the efforts of a small number of people going round, literally, from door to door to garner support for opposition to the plan.

The Parish Council is totally opposed to this application on so many grounds, and our response, along with those from individuals, can be seen online, which may give you the inspiration to make your own comments.

If you gave not already done so, and wish to make a comment or register an objection, click here to for the link to DMBC. Planning application 19/00651/FUL where you can view all associated documents, including comments from members of the public and other bodies, and there is a link to add your own comments.

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  1. Once again north Doncaster has been given the shitty stick( literally) with this proposal for a pig farm. The amenities that are used on a regular basis( squirrel wood) by the Scouts/ Cubs it appears that this would become untenable due to this intensive farm. It’s about time that our representatives do what they were elected do represent the people, who put them there

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