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Agenda 14 July 2015

7.00 pm Tuesday 14 July 2015 – The Burghwallis Public House

1 To receive any apologies of absence.
2 To welcome any members of the public attending and to receive any questions from the same.
3 To receive any disclosures or declarations of interest from attending Councillors on any item to
be discussed.
4 To consider and co-opt a new member of the Council (1 application only received from Mr David
5 To confirm the minutes of the last meeting (16 June 2015) as a true and correct record.
6 Matters arising (if not on the agenda).
7 Financial Matters:
6.1 To receive and approve the bank reconciliation to 7 July 2015.
6.2 To consider and approve Clerks wages for 1
st quarter – 05.04.15-15.06.15
6.3 To consider re-drafted financial regulations.
8 Transparency Code – Update as to the implementation of the same.
9 Code of Conduct – to consider draft Code and adoption of the same.
10 Standing Orders – To consider and, if possible approve amendments in relation to Transparency
Code and recording of meetings.
11 Training – To consider progress in relation to new Councillor training.
12 Neighbourhood Plan – to receive a general update.
13 Plague Well – to discuss and decide the next step in relation to resurrecting this ancient
14 Village signs to the areas of public interest – update including consideration of quote obtained by
15 Planning:
11.1 Planning application 15/01154/FUL – To receive any update.
11.2 Planning application 14/02582/FUL – To receive any update.
11.3 Boundary of Boscodon
12 Events Committee:
12.1 General update regarding VJ day celebrations.
13 Poors’ Field – to receive a general update.
14 Playing Field – to receive general update including:
14.1 Dog fouling
14.2 Repairs to soft play area
15 Website – to receive a general update.
16 To receive and consider correspondence received:
16.1 Email correspondence received and already circulated (list enclosed).
17 Gates at St Anne’s – update from KW.
18 Pinfold Slate – Update.
19 Any other business.
20 To confirm the date, time and venue of the next meeting.

G Bean (Clerk)

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