Council Members

The Parish Council consists of 5 elective members and 1 part time clerk employed by the council. Council elections take place on a 4 yearly basis with a minimum of 8 council meetings per year, held in the Burghwallis function room.


The Parish Council sets an annual precept. This is a proportion of the council tax collected by DMBC and currently stands at £5,500.00.



Dave Maxwell  – Chair of the Council

Brenda Grimes – Vice-chair of the Council + Trustee of the Playing Field + Trustee of the Poor’s Field

Gill Laming – Councillor + Chair of the Poor’s Field


Dave Hudson – Councillor + Trustee of the Poor’s Field + Trustee of the Playing Field


Joanne Halsall – Parish Clerk


Council members declarations of interest information may be inspected by appointment with the Parish Clerk email above.







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