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January 2017

The final ratification and acceptance of the Burghwallis Neighbourhood plan can be seen in the Final Decision Statement made by the Doncaster MBC. The Plan is now part of the DMBC core strategy.

If you want to review the details leading up to the Final Statement you can find them here.

Burghwallis Neighbourhood  Plan Final 


Tickhill and Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plans

At Full Council on the 24 November 2016 a decision was taken to “make” the Tickhill and Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plans, both of which now form part of the statutory Development Plan for Doncaster and will be used to determine planning applications in the respective areas.



1st May 2016

Our neighbourhood plan, which has been given a clean bill of health by the external examiner has been stuck in a grand case of moving goalposts. The government have decided to make amendments to  Neighbourhood Planning Regulations through planned changes (to the Neighbourhood Plan process) in the Planning and Housing Bill. Due to these changes the DMBC  Legal team are reviewing the Neighbourhood Plan approval process  before our plan can progress to the public referendum.

We have been advised our plan will ultimately proceed in its current form and not require any changes. The best estimate for the referendum at the moment is it will be held some time in July.

In the meantime and in accordance with National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) the Plan is now a material consideration in the determination of planning applications in Burghwallis parish (i.e. planning decisions take account of the Neighbourhood Plan – it carries weight).


7th January 2016

You may have wondered what has happened to the Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan. Completed in February last year we subsequently discovered the plan needed a further supplementary report.

At first glance the additional report looked innocuous but transpired to be of equal content and complexity as the original report. The Basic Conditioning Statement was duly completed, scrutinised, proof read and printed to accompany the final report submitted to the DMBC on 6th August 2015.

Unfortunately its arrival coincided with the consequences of government cutbacks that had trimmed the planning team strength at the DMBC. Coupled with a considerable growth in the interest of other local councils towards developing neighbourhood plans  created an overload that caused our plan to sit in a queue for a while.

At the moment our plan is being analysed by an external examiner to ensure it complies with the agreed format and content. We have been advised this review should be complete by the third week of January when the DMBC will move our plan towards the public referendum to decide on its adoption or rejection. This should occur sometime in March of this year providing there are no significant issues revealed by the examiner.


27th January 2015

Behind the scenes there has been furious activity within the working group to formulate the draft Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan. Long hours of research, review, discussion and deliberation have resulted in the draft that is now open for your scrutiny. It is important you now have you say. The draft will be available for your review over a six week period from 9th February until 27th March 2015

You can see the report, a copy of which is available in the following locations:

Burghwallis Pub

Askern Library

Woodlands library

Doncaster central library

Alternatively you can ask to see the report by contacting any of the Parish Councillors or by the marvels of technology you can just hit this point and the report will open as a pdf. Burghwallis Draft Neighbourhood Plan It is by necessity quite a beefy report, 45 pages long and may take  a while to open. Feel free to print it you want but it will take several trees and a ton of ink.

It is essential you have you say and leave comments at the libraries or send them to Burghwallis Parish Council, c/o 4, Scorcher Hills Lane, Burghwallis, DN6 9JT. Or you can use the email address:

There will be open surgery for anyone to come along and ask questions on the draft plan. This will be held at the Burghwallis Pub on the 23rd February 2015 from 3pm to 7pm.

What happens next:

Any comments will be reviewed and potentially included in the final report. It is then sent to the DMBC and an external review body who will scrutinise the contents to ensure they comply with overall specifications for neighbourhood plans. The final report is then submitted at a referendum with the residents, local businesses operating in the parish and other interested parties such as the utility suppliers. If the vote is positive at the referendum the Neighbourhood Plan will become a legal planning document over its life span of 15 years.

14th August 2014

The public meeting was held in the recently  reopened Burghwallis Pub. Attended by 29 residents and the working group of the Neighbourhood Plan  who gave a full presentation of the progress of the plan and what happens next. The details of the presentation can be seen here NP Slides – Public Consultation Meeting If you have not filled in the questionnaire you received through the door – you have until 15th August as the final closing date


The draft Neighbourhood Plan for Burghwallis has been developed over the last eight months based on feedback from local residents. You now have the opportunity to give your views on the key draft polices developed from the consultation that are set out below.  This will allow the working group to then finalise the Neighbourhood Plan in the coming weeks. Please download the Burghwallis Neigbourhood Plan questionaire in order to submit your views on the draft policies. Please also note that these policies and any comments from the questionnaire will be presented at the Public meeting to be held in the Burghwallis pub at 7pm on 12th August 2014.


The quality of the green environment is important to people who live, work and visit the area. There will be a
policy to ensure that the green environment is safeguarded for the future. We will require new development
proposals to recognise and respect the quality of the environment where development takes place. The
policy will include clauses that seek to:
• Protect the green wedges of land between Burghwallis and Skellow, Owston and Sutton
• Safeguard public open spaces including the Poor’s Field, Playing Field and Bridle Paths
• Recognise the importance of local habitats and protect them from harmful development and to conserve
their ecological value


Burghwallis has a range of heritage assets including land, buildings and monuments which provide a unique
link to the past. There will be a policy to recognise the vulnerability of these assets to new development and
the need for their increased protection. The policy will include clauses that seek to ensure:
• Heritage Assets are not adversely affected by development
• Increased protection is provided to assets of high heritage value, where assets are unlisted
• The Poor’s Field and War Memorial receive designated site status


Residents and visitors alike appreciate and value the few amenities that exist in the village. The Village Pub
Green, Pub Car Park and Playing Field are the only places where the community can hold outdoor events to
celebrate and enjoy festivals. There will be a policy to recognise the importance of these assets and protect
them from development. The policy will include clauses that seek to:
• Maintain public access to amenities to allow festivals and other community events to continue
• Ensure no loss of car parking space at The Burghwallis
• Ensure assets are protected from change of use

The details can be found in the BURGHWALLIS NP POLICY INTENTIONS that will be available at the Village Fete on 20th July and also posted to all houses in the parish. This is your chance to again have your say.


Date for your Diary :- There will be a public meeting on the Policy Intentions

7pm on  12 August 2014
Burghwallis Pub
Scorcher Hills

We need your input urgently. Please download the BURGHWALLIS NP QUESTIONNAIRE | Policy Intentions and submit your comments as soon as possible.


Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

The easiest way to understand what a neighbourhood plan is all about is to take a look at the presentation made at the  public meeting that was held on the 19th November 2013

Public Consultation Meeting 


Advert for Neighbourhood Plan Areas

The start of the process required the Parish Council to publish a Notice advertising their application  to the to Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area under Part 2 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012:


Have Your Say…….

In  August and September 2013 all residents of the parish along with interested parties such as local businesses, English Heritage and The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust were sent a flyer and Questionaire  to seek their viewpoint  as to how the neighbourhood plan should develop. The results of the questionnaire  provided the core opinions as to how the Neighbourhood Plan should shape up. The process is very detailed and will take some months to prepare. When this is ready when a draft summary will be published to local residents to gain further input.



  1. The first meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group  took place on the 15 July 2013 at 7pm in the Burghwallis Public House. Eight volunteers formed the  Working Group whose role is to assist in the production of a Neighbourhood Plan in accordance with the Localism Legislation passed by Parliament in April 2012. The plan has the aim of maintaining and improving the environment in the parish of Burghwallis for a period of 25 years from its final approval. The working group  successfully obtained a grant of £1,550 from The Community Development Foundation to offset the costs of producing the Neighbourhood Plan.
  2. The working group meet around once per month and are supported when needed by volunteers from Planning Aid who are professional planners skilled in the Neighbourhood planing process. Minutes of the meetings can be seen in the minutes listed below
  3. The next meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group to be notified.


Minutes of Meetings


NP Minutes-22-Aug-16

NP Minutes 22 January 2016

NP Minutes 02nd July 2015

NP Agenda 02-07-15

Notes from the DMBC consultation meeting 28th May 2015

NP Minutes 26th May 2015

NP Minutes 2nd April 2015

NP Minutes 24th March 2015

NP Minutes 23 January 2015

NP Minutes meeting 8 Jan 2015

NP Minutes 22 Dec. 2014

NP Minutes 8 December 2014

NP Minutes 24 November 2014

NP  minutes 4th Nov 2014

NP Minutes 22.10.14

NP Minutes Tuesday 9th September 2014

NP Minutes 19th August 2014

Minutes of Neighbourhood Plan Public Meeting

NP minutes 7th August 2014

NP Minutes 22  July 14

NP Minutes 10 July 2014

NP Minutes 26 June 2014

NP Minutes  29th May 2104

NP Minutes 27th March 2014

NP Minutes 25_Feb_14

NP Minutes Jan 21st 2014

NP Minutes 17 December 2013

NP Minutes 26th Nov 2013

NP Minutes of Meeting 29th Oct 13

NP Minutes of Meeting 27th Sept 13

NP Minutes of Meeting 29th August

NP Minutes of Meeting 31 July 2013

NP Minutes of Meeting 15 July 2013

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