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Minutes 16 June 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of the Burghwallis Parish Council, 7pm, Tuesday 16 June 2015 at the
Burghwallis Public House
In Attendance: Chairman K Walters
Vice Chair: J Laming
B Grimes
D Hudson
Clerk: G Bean

  1. Apologies: Apologies received from E Bell.
  2. Members of the Public: None in attendance.
  3. Disclosures or declarations of interest: None received.
  4. Minutes of Previous meetings (18 May 2015): Minutes considered include Meeting of BPC,
    Annual Meeting of BPC, Annual Meeting of Poor’s Field Charity and Annual Meeting of
    Playing Field Charity. KW proposed that all minutes were accepted as a true and accurate
    record, GL seconded, vote held and all agreed. Minutes signed by chair and vice-chair.
  5. Matters arising
    a. Resignation of E Bell – JL noted that she had received resignation from E Bell. JL
    proposed this resignation was accepted, KW seconded, vote held, all agreed. GB
    contacted DMBC with Notice of Vacancy and Notice of Vacancy to be displayed for
    14 working days from 16 June 2015. The Council are to await confirmation from
    DMBC in relation to any by-election or co-option that is to take place.
    b. Pension Statement Letter – KW handed GB letter from Pension service about autoenrollment for staff of the Parish Council. GB noted that as she does not work
    sufficient hours to be captured by this system then no action was required. Letter to
    be filed.
    c. DMBC Local Plan Email – KW noted email received from DMBC regarding their
    local plan. It was agreed by all that we should be kept up to date with this and so GB
    to respond to them by email and request that we remain on their mailing list.
    Action: GB
  6. Financial matters:
    a. Bank reconciliation to 07.06.15: All considered, KW proposed, GL seconded that this
    was approved, vote held and all agreed.
    b. Clerks Timesheet: All considered, KW proposed and GL seconded that this be
    agreed, vote held and all agreed.
    c. Financial Regulations: GB confirmed that she had briefly reviewed the financial
    regulations and had noted various items which needed to be re-drafted. GB agreed to
    redraft a further version of the financial regulations to be circulated by post to all
    councillors with a view to consideration and vote next meeting.
    Minute Ref: 338 – 341
    d. Internal Audit: GB noted that she was disappointed that the internal auditors had not
    been in contact, she had been chasing for over a week to be told that the accounts
    were ready but had not been signed off and the person who needed to do so was out
    of the office this week. GB noted deadline of 19 June 2015 and was assured that she
    would received a call back to confirm if they could work to this date. GB noted that
    she would, if necessary, contact BDO to see if we are able to gain a further extension
    of time.
    Action: GB
  7. Training: It was noted that DH + GB remained outstanding for training purposes. KW
    proposed that DH take a copy of the YLCA training programme and attempt to find a course
    which was most suitable. KW also proposed that GB enrol for the SLCC training course she
    had identified at the outset of her work with the PC at a cost of £149 (inclusive of a years
    membership of SLCC), BG seconded, vote held and all agreed. GB to make enquiries with a
    view to obtaining funding at the next meeting and DH to return with details of proposed
    courses at the next meeting.
    Action: GB + DH
  8. Neighbourhood plan: KW noted that a meeting had been held with DMBC’s head of
    planning and there was now a procedure going forward to ultimately complete the
    Neighbourhood Plan. The next steps are to complete the consultation statement and the
    sustainability assessment. There is an estimated completion dated of September 2015
    (although KW noted that we are now in the hands of others in relation to forthcoming
    progress) and the next meeting is 2 July 2015.
  9. Plague Well: DH had been working hard to dig the hole for the stone to be placed into. DH
    noted that he would hope to have the hole completed within the next 2 weeks or so, from
    there the stone would be placed in situ and secured with concrete at the base. It was agreed
    that consideration in relation to wording etc should be carried out following the placing of the
    Action: DH
  10. Village signs: KW noted that she had spoken to the contact at Doncaster College who was
    unable to provide a mock up, confirmation of the wood used or a ball park cost. Further, the
    font could not be chosen as the lettering was burned into the wood. KW had researched and
    requested Councillors review the following websites for consideration – sign-maker.net,
    villagegreen.co.uk and timpsons.co.uk. It was noted by KW that we would require 4 signs, 1
    x pinfold/pump to be placed at the Johnsons, 1x pinfold to be placed at the Lunnis’, 2x village
    pump, one to be placed at the Sabin’s and one to be placed at the Owen’s. To consider
    research at next meeting
    Action: All
  11. Planning:
    a. Planning 15/01154/FUL – This planning application, for the Old Rectory, had not
    yet been approved.
    b. Planning 14/02582/FUL – KW had spoken to DMBC and had been informed that the
    Planning Officer, Steve Barnett was on leave until 23 June and there was a lag time of
    2 months but KW confirmed that she would continue to chase this matter accordingly
    for a decision in due course.
    Minute Ref: 338 – 341
    Action: KW
    c. Planning 15/00258/M – Cardinal Gardens – Correspondence had been received from
    DMBC to confirm that they would look into this matter and return to the Parish
    Council in due course however, we had been informed of a lengthy lag time. GB to
    forward a copy of the correspondence from DMBC to the initial complainants, GB to
    Action: GB
  12. Events Committee: KW presented a poster that had been drafted by the Events Committee, it
    was agreed by all that the poster was suitable. It was noted that all plans were in place and all
    volunteers to assist both before, during and after would be very welcome.
  13. Poor’s Field: JL noted all was well, accounts must be audited and charity commission return
    must be done. JL confirmed that she would do the return ahead of the next meeting and
    requested a further trustee given EB’s resignation. JL proposed DH, BG seconded, vote held
    and all agreed. DH agreed to take on the post as trustee. JL noted that the auditing of
    accounts does not need to be carried out by an accountant, due to the limited funds that are
    involved, her research indicated that GB as RFO could sign those off. GB considered the
    accounts and noting that all is in order. Accounts countersigned accordingly.
    Action: JL
  14. Playing Field: In general, all was ok with the playing field except that the gate had been
    broken on 3 occasions. This had been repaired however, it will be monitored.
    a. Dog Fouling: KW noted that there were still members of the village taking their dogs
    onto the playing field despite requests that they did not. It was noted that members of
    the village were approached when found on /entering the playing field with dogs and
    requested not to do so however, it appears that this is not sufficient enough a
    deterrent. KW proposed, BG seconded, vote held and all agreed that in future, any
    members of the village/public caught in the playing field with dogs would be named
    and shamed in future meetings with a view to deterring this forbidden practice.
    b. Soft Play Area: JL to look into the cost of rubber edging to secure the wetpore
    surface. KW to speak with Jamie Leeson, our contact at the Playing Fields Trust to
    see if there is any assistance available for the repair of the wetpore surface.
    Action: JL + KW
  15. Websites:
    a. KW confirmed 1005 hits last month, website all now back in order following
    previous difficulties.
    b. KW noted that she had commenced uploading all documentation in line with the
    Transparency Code on to the website ahead of the 1 July deadline.
  16. Email correspondence: IN general nothing to note however, KW and BG noted that they
    had worked hard to purge 5724 emails from the account on 2 June. It was suggested by KW
    that emails were kept for 6 months and then purged, unless they were of significance, in
    which case, they should be put into relevant folders, BG seconded, vote held and all agreed.
    Minute Ref: 338 – 341
  17. Gates at St Annes: KW confirmed that she had spoken to Peter Lamb who confirmed that he
    had sent a letter to Tom Garrud and the diocese to confirm that the quarry had been found to
    source matching stone. There had been a meeting with English Heritage and DMBC and
    there were now to be 3assessments; Tree Assessment, Heritage Assessment and Road Traffic
    Assessment. Further, they were obtaining quotes for the stone pillars and KW was expecting
    a return call in due course. KW to monitor and chase if required.
    Action: KW
  18. Revised Template of Rules for Recording Parish Council Meeting: GB noting that there
    had been a recent email in this respect that will require an update to the Standing Orders. GB
    to amend standing orders and submit for consideration and approval by the next meeting.
    Action: GB
  19. Transparency Code: This was partly touched upon in number 15 however, GB provided
    KW with a printout of the Code itself and the YLCA guidance on what needs to be uploaded.
    KW noted to all Councillors the impact of the Transparency Code upon the work required to
    upkeep the website. KW and GB to liaise to ensure all is complete ahead of 1 July 2015.
    Action: GB + KW
  20. Pinfold Slate: KW had collected some samples, all were reviewed. KW proposed that the
    sample costing £92 per tonne be purchased, JL seconded, vote held and all agreed. KW to
    purchase 2 tonnes to be delivered next week. All who are available to attend on Tuesday 23
    June to prepare the land and then again on Saturday 27 June to lay the slate. Volunteers to be
    Action: All
  21. Any other Business:
    a. Ted’s Resignation: KW wished to extend her personal thanks and thanks on behalf
    of the entire Parish Council, past and present for Ted’s unwavering contribution to
    the Parish and the larger community. His attendance at Parish Council Meetings and
    his invaluable contribution to the community will be missed.
    b. JL noted that she had been able to acquire a projector screen for any future
    presentations. KW noted that this item would need to be added to the Asset Register
    and it was estimated that the value would be in the region of £200.
  22. Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 14 July 2015 at 7pm at the Burghwallis Public House.

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