In Attendance: Chairman D Maxwell
Councillor J Laming
Councillor R Lomas
Clerk J Halsall
DMBC Councillor J Gilliver
Chairman’s opening remarks and Declarations of interest

  1. Apologies for absence
    Councillor D Hudson & Councillor B Grimes
  2. Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 9th August 2018
    RESOLVED that the minutes be signed.
  3. Matters arising from the minutes
    • Owston Lodge. No update received. This has been raised again Action: AW
    • Data Protection – Policies and Consent Form completed and on the website under a new, separate section. Consent from sent to David Herrick, not returned yet.

RESOLVED to register and pay ICO Fee Check the insurance policy if we are covered for any Data protection breeches.
Action: JH
• The Events committee will be back in action soon and an event would hopefully
be arranged for next year, avoiding other planned event dates in the area.
Councillor Maxwell suggested a member of the Parish Council should be on the
events committee.
• 2 New flags have arrived and are up and flying
• Christmas – Tree to be ordered earlier this year Oct/Nov Action: DH
Switch on date for lights 8TH December with Mulled wine & Mince pies
• Padlock and chain are now on the big gate and will also be used to lock the
smaller gate for 24 hours on Christmas day.
• Speeding – a report from DMBC had been received. Strips on the road will not
be used anytime soon as this is very expensive.
• Letters were sent to residents on Scorcher Hills Lane regarding the saplings.
Two responses have been answered.

  1. Financial Matters
    400238 £6.27 B Grimes – Padlock
    400239 £196.38 Flying Colours – New flags
    400240 £161.60 HMR&C – PAYE
    400241 £307.30 J Halsall – Clerk Salary (July, Aug & Sept)
    400242 £377.97 DMBC – Noticeboard Installation
    RESOLVED that the accounts payable be approved and the cheques signed.
    Bank Statement signed by Councillor Lomas
  2. Playing field/Pinfold
    Councillor Maxwell reported the grass would be cut this week, weather permitting.
    Trees are also hanging low in one area and need cutting back. Councillor Lomas
    said he would look and sort if possible on his inspection. Action: RL
    Charity Commission Annual report has been submitted.
  3. Poor’s Field
    The new contract for the field is due in November and will be increased by £50 every
    3rd year with a 10-year lease as the previous contract. Action: JL
    The Christmas Party would be organised on Thursday 13th December. Attendees
    may bring guests, at a cost to be determined. Action: JL
    The Charity Commission return has yet to be submitted. Action: JL
    The HSBC bank account should be closed and a new one opened, possibly with the
    Coop Bank. Action: JL
  4. Planning
    18/02266/FUL 27 Grange Lane – Enlargement of existing rear dormer – No
    objections raised
  5. Correspondence
    Emails all circulated & dealt with accordingly
  6. Battles Over
    Ongoing jointly with British Legion. The event will be marked in the village, with
    contributions from Campsmount School and, hopefully, the lighting of a beacon in the
    pub car park. Councillor Lomas reported he had the wreath already. Councillor
    Lomas also reported on a recent trip where he was able to get information and
    photos of the fallen from Burghwallis. It was agreed to send these to Councillor
    Maxwell for the website. Action: RL
  7. Website
    All up to date.
    544 Visits & 1004 Page views
  8. Police and the Community
    Nothing to report
  9. New Matters/Any Other Business
    Councillor Maxwell reported on super-fast broadband now available at the bottom
    end of the village (Askern exchange) This was also advertised on the website.
    Adwick exchange end of the village already have this.
    Councillor Maxwell reported he is attending the YLCA meeting
    Councillor Maxwell reported on the need for a waste bin at Abbes Walk end of the
    village. Also, at the top of the bridle path. Councillor Gilliver said he would look into
    this Action: JG
  10. Next Meeting
    The next meetings to be held at The Burghwallis Public House commencing at 7pm.
    These dates will also be advertised in the church magazine.
    Tuesday 30th October 2018
    Tuesday 11th December 2018
    There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.20pm.

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