In Attendance:

Chairman D Maxwell
Councillor J Laming
Councillor R Lomas
Councillor D Hudson
Councillor B Grimes
Clerk J Halsall
DMBC Councillor J Gilliver

Chairman’s opening remarks and Declarations of interest

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 18th September 2018
    RESOLVED that the minutes be signed.
  3. Matters arising from the minutes

• Owston Lodge. No update received.

• Data Protection – ICO Registration forms have been completed and the fee
arranged by Direct Debit.

• The Events committee have reported they do not want to arrange an event next
year. Councillor Maxwell suggested we join in with Campsall. Council Gilliver
said Burghwallis would be very welcome.

• Christmas – Councillor Hudson reported on various centres to supply a Tree.
Councillor Gilliver suggested DMBC would collect, erect and remove for a fee.
Tree to be ordered and sorted Action: DH
Switch on date for lights 8th December at 6.30 with Mulled wine & Mince pies.

• Speeding a report from DMBC update was needed after a recent survey
Action: DM

• Waste Bins in the village were requested at the last meeting for Abbes Walk end
of the village and the top of the bridle path. We have joined a “waiting list” for
free issue bins and await availability. Apparently there are some available if we
wished to purchase. Agreed to wait for free issues.

  1. Financial Matters
    400243 British Legion £25 Donation for a Wreath
    RESOLVED that the accounts payable be approved and the cheques signed.
    Bank Statement signed by Councillor Hudson. A draft Budget was requested for the
    next meeting.
    Future projects were discussed:
    • War Memorial Wall repairs – we need to get an opinion regarding the current state. Suggested we contact DMBC to see if they have someone who is qualified to give us a report Action: DM

• Lighting on the War Memorial – probably not viable considering the proximity to the main road.

• Bus Stop/Shelter – has been considered before, but the logical place is not viable due to lack of available space and resident’s objections to a previous proposal.

  1. Playing field/Pinfold Councillor Maxwell reported the current grass cutting contractor was no longer returning any calls.

RESOLVED to get quotes for a new contractor Action: JH

  1. Poor’s Field
    The new contract for the field due in November has been verbally agreed and will be increased by £50 every 3rd year with a 10-year lease as the previous contract. The tenants will arrange for the preparation of a new agreement. This year’s rent had been received. Bank Balance being £964. The Christmas Party would be organised on Thursday 13th December. 18 names had been received so far. Councillor Laming reported she had still to negotiate the menu.
    Action: JL
    Charity Commission Annual report has been submitted.
  2. Planning
    Nothing to report for Burghwallis, though a PC response was submitted regarding the
    proposed development on land adjacent to Crabgate Lane and Green Lane in
  3. Correspondence
    Emails all circulated & dealt with accordingly
    Training course still wanted for Councillor Lomas.
  4. Battles Over
    Ongoing jointly with British Legion. Councillor Lomas reported on the beacon to be
    lit. The current one was broken. A new gas one has been ordered at a cost of
    around £150, British legion would go halves with the Parish Council with this cost.
    The War memorial decoration completed by Campsall School would be displayed
    when Councillor Lomas picks it up. This would be made as secure as possible to
    avoid theft. Councillor Lomas reported that the Silver band at Campsall would also
    All information can be found on the website and Church magazine.
  5. Website
    All up to date.
  6. New Matters/Any Other Business
    Councillor Grimes reported on the following:

• The path on Grange Lane, towards the Mill (Skellow) is very narrow due to
overgrowth. This is very dangerous. This is to be raised with DMBC (again).
Action: JG

• Grass verge on Scorcher Hills Lane needs cutting between the trees.

• Direction Sign to Burghwallis on Mill Lane is broken. This has been reported
but still not repaired.

• Left over suspicious (Drug) packages are littered around the benches on the
playing field. Also, evidence of fires. (Joanne, the rest is hearsay and should
not be published!)

• Noise from the dogs at ‘Willows’ had not been reported? Councillor Laming
said she hadn’t heard anything lately. There is no post box or post delivered
to this address.

• No reply has been received since the 28 days’ notice to clean the area of plot
no 5 The Cardinals. This is still a site full of rubbish and has never been
cleaned up.

  1. Next Meeting
    The next meetings to be held at The Burghwallis Public House commencing at 7pm.
    These dates will also be advertised in the church magazine.
    Tuesday 11th December 2018
    Tuesday 8th January 2019
    Tuesday 19th February 2019
    Tuesday 2nd April 2019
    Tuesday 14th May 2019 – AGM
    There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.40pm.

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