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Parish Council Meeting

If you have something to get off your chest you can always speak up at Parish Council Meeting. The meetings are open to residents to rock up and air a view or two. 

If nothing else you get to hear of the numerous actions and projects the Council are currently involved in. Take a look here to see the latest meeting minutes. Instead of bottling up your fantastic idea, or biggest beef – trot along to the meetings. Here are the next set that take place in the Burghwallis Pub starting at 19:00 and lasting around a couple of hours. You don’t actually have to stay for the full 2 hours, as matters brought up by the general public are dealt with before the formal meeting starts. That’s your chance to pipe up – once it’s gone, it’s gone – until the next meeting, of course.

If there is something that can’t wait you have a chat with the Chairman Dave Maxwell on 07766 055012

Tuesday 18th September

Tuesday 30th October

Tuesday 11the December




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