Huge Turnout At Fun Day

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The annual Burghwallis Fun Day, in Squirrel Wood on 16th July held a record attendance. Queues formed to gain access to the car park which quickly filled to bursting point.

The weather was ideal. And thanks to our national performance at Wimbledon the draw of the men’s final failed to diminish the number who turned out for the fun day.

Squirrel Wood Scouts provided some earnest support throughout the event. The range of activities were increased over last year. A surprise hit, according to Di, one of the event organising team was the dog show. Attracting dogs of all shapes and sizes each of the six classes was well subscribed.

Those with a little energy got involved in “weaseling” – indoor caving (before you ask), archery and axe throwing. This last exercise proved trickier than the scouts demonstrated. Clearly our Viking roots at chucking an axe has become a tad rusty.

The races for children were as popular as ever. Favourites such the egg and spoon race never fails to entertain.

Colin was as popular as ever giving rides on his miniature railway. And a hidden benefit for all at the fun day  was the chance to see the magnificent grounds of Squirrel Wood

The Irish dancing team proved a hit demonstrating  the skills you need way before the Riverdance auditions.

The acrobatics and synchronization of the cheerleaders made their energetic appearance

The number of stands increased this year displaying a range of local produce, bric-a-brac and sponsorship opportunities. Regrettably the much loved ‘Vintage Teas’ pulled out at the last moment.

The vintage car section unfortunately managed to get lost en route but the cars that did appear brought back memories of the era when cars were built rather than made. The owner of the 1966 Triumph Herald explained the number of people of a certain age who said the car was that they learned to drive in. And before any younger ones scoff, the Herald had a phenomenal turning circle, outdoing a London cab so you could do a U turn in any street in on manoeuvre.

As ever the fire engine proved popular with the kids and the firemen with young Mums. Musical accompaniment was provide by the Swing Band.

Lost, found and recovered. A piece of jewellery found at the event had a happy ending when it was traced back to the owner by the event crew. Also an intriguing sign appeared outside the toilets. Obviously the result of some significant misdemeanors that regrettably prevented the appearance of water pistols. Some of us harboured a secret desire – especially on this hot day……

How did we do? If you have any ideas to improve the Fun Day, or observations about this day please use the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

One Week To The Fun Day

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Just a quick reminder – the fantastic Burghwallis fun day is only a week away. Free entry and a chance to see Squirrel Wood in all its splendor PLUS a great afternoon of fun for all the family. Well worth bringing a picnic along and relax on the large lawns in Squirrel Wood.

Burghwallis Fun Day Sunday 16th July 12:30 to 4:00pm.

Venue Squirrel Wood ( loads of parking space)



Free Fun Day At Squirrel Wood

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Thanks to the success of the recent fun night – fund raising evening at the Burghwallis pub the actual FREE admission event-

Fun Day on Sunday 16th July 2017 is full of surprises

Squirrel Wood, Abbe’s Walk 12:30 to 4:30pm

The format includes many side shows, suppliers and events that will entertain the whole family. A flyer will be popped through your letter box in the near future.

Traditional races                                                     Stalls                                 Vintage teas

Swing Band                                                              Bouncy Castle                  Axe Throwing

Irish Dancers                                                           Bottle Board                     Dog Agility

Fun dog show – entry £1 on the day                    Music with DJ                  Tombola

        Free Micro chipping of dogs                                 Fire Engine                        Archery

Name the Teddy                                                      Cheerleaders                      Slacklining

        Miniature Train rides                                             Indoor caving weaselling

        Burgers Buns and Drinks OR bring your own picnic!









Fun Night Lives Up To Its Name

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The events committee of the parish council organised a great night in the Burghwallis Pub to raise funds for the Village Fete to be held on 16th July 2017 in Squirrel Wood. Plenty of parking and space for a picnic!

Around 75 people, young and old enjoyed the entertainment which included the essential and superb pie and pea supper supplied by the Burghwallis pub and a musical interlude by Mark Elliss, a great singer who can trot out any song from any era without a single music sheet.

Although a couple of young-uns decided they needed to hook into something slightly more their scene.

Those with an acceptable degree of co-ordination showed we wallflowers how to move around the dance floor.

The table games comprised of a quiz on brand logos in which our team included a 9 and 11 year old – who knew every one – the power of advertising! And a TV show quiz where we scored rather badly. The wining team got a perfect score.

The extensive raffle was announced by a team of children who took the drama of pubic announcement totally in their stride.

The hard work behind the scenes by the events committee was very evident. These, often unsung heroes, spend a huge amount of time organsing events such as the Village Fete in Squirrel Wood. Did we mention this is to be held on 16th July 2017. Not all committee members are shown below – missing team members are Julia, Elaine, Andrew and Jill.

Kath, Diane, Adrian and a very rare ‘collectors shot’ of Fay.



Fun Night At The Burghwallis

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The events team are on a roll – or to be more precise a plate of pie and peas. This is a warm up ( can there be any more puns) to raise funds for the big event of the village fun day in Squirrel Wood to be held on the 16th July. A night of quizzes, live music, dancing, competitions and the chance to win a bottle of wine just for being there – providing you have the winning entrance ticket, a minor detail but worth mentioning.

This great night is for the whole family

starts at 7:00pm on Saturday 3rd June 2017 in the Burghwallis pub.

Tickets are £6 and available from Diane on 01302 725998 or email


click on the image to enlarge

Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch

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The annual Senior Citizens lunch at the Burghwallis produced a few surprises that would rock both Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor.

The parish Poor’s Field fund produced the cash to provide 39 of the senior citizens in the parish with a free Christmas lunch in the Burghwallis pub.

This year the atmosphere was bolstered by the performance of a group of 12 in a ukulele band and the surprise appearance of the vicar Reverend Richard Walton singing “I’m getting married in the morning” and Dave Maxwell’s (Councillor) hula skirt swayed to the rendition of “She wears red feathers and a hula hula skirt.”

These hidden talents delighted the pensioners who also enjoyed the festive lunch of really good beef and turkey with all the trimmings followed by Christmas pud or chocolate fudge with mince pies and tea and coffee.  An interesting fact; why are only Christmas meals  served with “all the trimmings” which then disappear up the loft along with the fairy lights and tinsel to be replaced by all your veg  for the other 364 days a year.

Rather than sneaking out before the national anthem or the opportunity to help do the washing up the gathering was treated to a finale treat from the ukulele band.


Christmas Spirit Shines Through Weather

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The lighting of the Christmas tree this year was not for the fainthearted. The carol lyric about deep and crisp and even had to be rapidly changed to reflect the heavy and wet stuff that fell vertically instead.

Reverend Dr Richard Walton led the carol singing and lighting of the tree lights whilst the rain sloshed down. The singing, slightly muffled by the abundance of umbrellas was accompanied by Pat Stanley on the keyboard as no less than 53 souls young and old (including a number of our four legged friends) braved the weather to join in.


Rev Walton was dressed in his splendid full length black cloak and hat ( they actually have proper ecclesiastical names ) One junior member of the gathering asked if he was Darth Vader.

The tree was duly blessed and the new splendid coloured lights turned on this year by Elizabeth and Schyler.

Once again the Carol singers were rewarded with hot mulled wine and warm mince pies courtesy of the parish council.

Marking the start of the season of the carol singing season Burghwallis proved the true spirit of Christmas lies much in the resolve to enjoy despite ‘owt the weather can chuck at us.

Thanks to Mike and Carol Spiller for their usual generosity in supplying the power for the tree lights.

Pat Stanley for playing the keyboard.

Brian Bennett for helping with the Christmas tree lights and allowing us to to trample over his front lawn and supplying power to Pat’s keyboard.

Heinz & Joyce Offerman for helping with the tree lights and tending the War Memorial throughout the year.

Reverend Dr Richard Walton for leading the ceremony.




Christmas Tree Carol Singing

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The annual light up of the Burghwallis Christmas tree is scheduled for 10th December at 6:30 pm at the war memorial.

Carol singing, led by Rev Dr Richard Walton, will sort out those possibly eligible to be shoved in front of BBC choir master Gareth Malone from those of us who should quietly join the minced pie and mulled wine queue courtesy of the Burghwallis Parish Council.

All ages are welcome especially children – they naturally join in signing festive carols whilst attempting to convert Mum’s and Dad’s from attempting their best ‘lip-sync’ ever.

The highlight will be the lighting of the Christmas tree.


This carol singing occasion is great practice to prepare for the follow-through events:-

Carols and Mince pies on 12th December at St Michael’s, Skellow at 7:30pm.

Traditional carol service at St Helen’s Burghwallis on 18th December at 4:00pm

Christmas Lunch For The Wise

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Wisdom comes with age, and this is the time of year when the village recognises the wise pensioners of the parish with a free Christmas lunch at the Burghwallis pub, courtesy of the Parish Council

Most of us have already become mesmerised by the onslaught of Christmas adverts reinforced by the sight of checkout staff  having to adopt festive Santa Claus red hats. Fear not for the senior citizens  lunch will not take place until  Friday 16th December at 12 noon for 12.30.

Not only will this be a free meal followed by a raffle but the party will be entertained by a 12 strong ukulele band. Looking like guitars that have been through the wrong wash cycle, the ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings. Wikipedia. Not only will it be a real treat to hear such an ensemble whilst munching festive fare, after Brexit it’s good to see the return of the “dozen.”

To reserve your place just contact Jill Lamming on 01302 701395. Jill will get back to you with menu choices. Don’t delay – book as soon as you can as this is always a very popular event and completely free of any washing up.


Burghwallis Fun Day

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The weather held and a great British institution burst into life. July 31st saw the Burghwallis family fun day strike up the band – the first time  the event was held in Squirrel Wood supported by tremendous help from the scouts.

Jimmy the race co-ordinator The Burghwallis Band Skittles More Picnicing

The fun day included many traditional race games for the family held in the main arena along with the chance to try climbing a wall, archery well this is near Robin Hood’s stomping ground and of great personal delight – how to use a catapult, long on a list of banned things since childhood here was an official chance to have a go. And then there was Weaselling. (Weaselling is Squirrel Woods very own indoor caving experience, split over three levels there is hours of fun available.This activity is supervised by your own leadership team).

If you didn’t attend this is what you also missed:-

Burghwallis Swing Band
Miniature railway rides
Bouncy castle
Balloon sculptures
Axe throwing
Irish dancers
Giant games
Music with DJ
Burgers, hot dogs, soft drinks, or you bring your own picnic
Face painting

IMG_1703 More Picnicing Face Painting IMG_1704


A visit from a Fire engine proved a big hit forming three queues. Kids who wanted to sound the horn and flash the lights, Dads who wanted to see the equipment and Mums who wanted to see the firemen.


In all the event was a great success all down to the hard work of the organisers. If you have any ideas for next year, or could pitch in with the organisation as a event volunteer please call Diane on 01302 725 998. Remember Burghwallis has three great locations for events; the pub field to the rear of the Burghwallis pub, the playing field and of course Squirrel Wood.

The squirrels nuts were found ( a competition that presented the winner with champagne and chocolates, but a child’s coat was lost. The team found a Kiddies grey ‘Trespass’ hooded coat for a 3 to 4 year old ring 01302 725998

Find the Squirells Nuts!Lost coat

The chance to see the Squirrel Wood site attracted many visitors, ironically less than 20 of them from Burghwallis. The permanent campsite is unique and a local, if not regional treasure. Set in over 70 acres of natural woodland, Squirrel Wood is situated within the Conservation Area of Burghwallis to the east of the village below Burghwallis Park (Grid Reference SE 540114). The area has over 80 species of trees and is rich in wildlife providing a safe habitat for flora and fauna of special interest. Squirrel Wood also serves as an excellent Scout Camp and supports many activities for all types of outdoor pursuits even civil weddings! Space can be rented for various events; motor bike and side enthusiasts medieval knights, police dog training, civil weddings and of course scouting activities. For more information contact the scouts on 0300 111 2016 or visit

The Bungalee, where all counties come together – around 1000 scouts gather for a weekend holding all kinds of events and finding the Bungalee; some sort of mythical creature hidden in the woods. Most weekends are taken up by campers from all over the country – many from overseas.

IMG_1679 IMG_1690

Focusing on family entertainment the event was a victim of its own success. Around 200 people turned up but the absence of the normal commercial stands created a rush at the remaining stands, which were promptly cleaned out. Many asked why the other stands were missing, the short answer is the energy needed to attract stand holders attendance is directly proportional to the volunteers available to approach these guys. With just four volunteers in the Burghwallis events team, who had to organise everything else on the day, the spare capacity to organise stands in the midst of ‘straightened times’ was a bridge too far.

More Picnicing Bouncy Castle The Burghwallis BandColin's Train

Burghwallis Family Fun Day 2016

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The next village event is scheduled for 31st July 2016. The Family Fun Day is this years get village together – but with a difference – it is being held in Squirrel Wood.


A5 Village Fete Poster 2016 v4

One of the key groups who help with the operation of the village fetes is the Squirrel Wood scout group. This year we aim to capture the enthusiasm of the scouts who have willingly pitched into the operation over many years at the Burghwallis pub events. Holding the Family Fun Day in Squirrel Wood with the scouts not only captures their help first hand, but allows the villagers of Burghwallis to see what goes on in Squirrel Wood first hand.

The Fun Day starts at 12:00 and closes at 4:30pm.

If you are over 65 and need a lift please ring 01302 725998. If you need any further information OR WISH TO VOLUNTEER TO HELP OUT ON THE DAY   please also ring 01302 725998

Burghwallis Family Fun Day:


Traditional Race Games on the Arena Archery
Swing Band Miniature railway rides
Bouncy castle Balloon sculptures
Axe throwing Slacklining
Irish dancers Giant games
Music with DJ Burgers, hot dogs, soft drinks
Face painting OR bring your own picnic
Fire engine


Bullcroft Yoga Classes

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A further yoga taster session for all ages, sex, and ability is being held at the Bullcroft Memorial Hall on 29th March starting at 1:30pm for one hour.

Flu Jabs for the over 65’s in Burghwallis

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Now that St. Annes are unable to offer the yearly flu jab service for the over 65’s in our Parish, Sally the Landlady at the Burghwallis Pub has kindly allowed Chestnut Avenue Surgery to carry out the procedure in the concert room of the pub.

A nurse will be available on Thursday 15 October 2015 between 10.30 and 11.30 am.  If anyone requires assistance to get to the pub, please ring Kath on 725998.


Picnic In The Park Is A Great Success

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Picnic in the Park – 16 August 2015

Sunday 16 August started at 9.30 for the events committee volunteers. Craig, tasked with protecting the new wild flower beds in the park with quite scary zeal whilst the others erected bunting, flags and the electricity supply.  Soon the bouncy castle was pumped and ready to go and DJ. Michael was installed in the tent kindly set up by the scouts from Squirrel Wood, well would you trust it to anyone else?


Jimmy & Claire were set ready with a range of children’s games and races; everything was going quite smoothly until the model train arrived. This was a tad larger than considered and certainly not going to get into the playing field using the planned route. All hands came to the rescue and the track and train equipment were man – and woman – handled through the gates into the park and assembled on schedule for the start of the picnic at 12 noon. Eat your heart out Network Rail

DSCN0380 (2)

The Tombola stall run by Elaine & Andrew were set,  Vintage Teas hovered, tea bags and their wonderful cakes poised, Colin and his ice cream van duly frozen and the Irish Dancers limbered up ready for the starters gun.

DSCN0362DSCN0363 (1)

DSCN0377 (1)

Picnickers entered the playing field to refrains of the Glen Miller orchestra which put them “In the Mood”. Out came the blankets, chairs, sandwiches and wine and the unique British picnic atmosphere emerged much enhanced by the event teams decision to pick one of the fee days around that reassembled summer.

egg spoon (1)

The kids had a great time on the permanent playing field equipment as well as the bouncy castle brought in for the event. With spare energy left they enthusiastically joined the egg and spoon, sack race and sprinting competitions. Splat the rat, battleships and even the good old fashioned coconut shy enticed with prizes galore! The games were only temporarily halted while the Irish Dancers performed their fabulous routines.

egg spoon3 (1)

Colin and his model train crew were kept busy all day with train rides to the delight of children of all ages!!! Alex did the rounds selling raffle tickets for the many prizes provided by the Events Committee and  kindly donated by some of our village residents. Most prizes were collected – but we still have three prizes unclaimed for ticket numbers 37, 211, 365 white with orange borders. Please ring Diane on 01302 725998 to collect your prize.

DSCN0384 (1)

Michael the DJ kept the music flowing with tunes from the 40’s and those hoping to escape singing were summarily handed song sheets produced by Diane to end the proceedings. This resulted in a grand finale of singing and flag waving to the approximate tunes of ‘Rule Britannia,’ ‘White Cliffs of Dover’, ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘There will always be an England.’








Picnic Is Ready for the 16th August 2015

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Layout updated 31st July

The Picnic in the Park is looming up – 16th August is the date for your diary. But what is in store at this extravaganza?  Park the car in the special Burghwallis pub car park which is being set up in the field behind the pub. You will need to drive through the front car park which is being used for the car boot sale and nip through the side gate into the playing field to join the picnic.  You have the freedom to set up your picnic areas (including gazebos) anywhere in the park that is not reserved. This arrangement is on a first come first served basis so best follow the advice of Billie Jo Spears and “Get your blanket on the ground” before the Germans arrive. The details have now been finalised and irrespective of any weather influence the picnic will include:

Burghwallis Picnic in the Park Aug 2015Click here for enlarged view Burghwallis Picnic in the Park Aug 2015


  • The Scouts Tent – bring at least two bits of wood to rub together.
  • Rides on the Miniature Railway – a great hit from last year – the kids enjoyed it too.
  • A Games and Dance Area – for the talented, energetic and ‘Strictly’ hopefuls or join in with the Irish Dancers.
  • Vintage Teas stall – forget the sugar warnings for the day and eat cake.
  • Ice Cream Vehicle – more sugar but what the heck.
  • Bouncy Castle – for kids use before a visit to the cake stall or ice cream van and avoid the ‘What goes down can also come back up’ issues and the use of the fire hose.
  • D J Tent – for the dancing queens who prefer a bit of noise rather than those silent discos things; music through the ages from the 40’s onwards, including a Proms themed finale so come and wave your flag with pride!
  • Tombola – a sort of posh Bingo with quality prizes.
  • Raffle – your chance to win a £50 One4all Voucher or a bottle of something you’ve never heard of that actually tastes great.

Remember to bring your deck chair, blanket and some secret scoff.

Stallholders: There have been a few changes to the layout. Please take a close look at the locations for the following in the image above – click on it to enlarge the size.

Closed entry to the park
Scouts Tent
Miniature Railway
Games and Dance Area
Stall holders and their vehicles
Bouncy Castle
Ice Cream Vehicle
D J Tent / gazebo
Power supply cables /  Generator
Vehicle access



The Picnic In the Park Is Coming To Burghwallis

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One of the great traditions in the UK is the village event. It continually proves the metal of the true British spirit . We will endure any weather  thrown at us, we will laugh in the face of a mere downpour, we will scoff at the odd lighting bolt for this is Yorkshire the backbone of Britain, and we can handle anything that is what we call weather. It happens. Whereas Southerners are known not to venture out of doors unless the temperature kicks in at around 28 degrees and the last drop of wet stuff  from above fell at least two weeks ago.

No this is the Burghwallis Picnic In The Park  it WILL be held on Sunday 16 August 2015 between 12.00 – 4.00 pm. Last year proved that despite torrential rain falling the day before, when odd things were seen floating where they shouldn’t,  and the previous landlords of the pub did a runner to Spain half way through the event, our  committee proved they can organise anything, anywhere, anytime. Rain, landlords scuttling off to Spain like something out of “Eastenders” –  take in their stride. But things this year are different.

Party in the Park Poster 2015 v2 copy

The weather is going to be perfect, we have some great new landlords in the pub, the event on the day  is extraordinarily well organised and – the model train is back! To prove the incredible Picnic in the Park will be as good as Arsenal  winning the FA cup, oh have they? – all you have to do is turn up. Ring the date on your calendar now – Sunday 16th August 12:00 to 16:00 You will enjoy the Burghwallis Party in the Park – it’s what we do.



Village Fete 2014

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If you want to plan an event a year in advance seek out the events team that planned this year’s fete. Not many have the almost divine ability to pick the day after the heaviest thunderstorms for years and hold it in the grounds of the pub that closed down two hours after the fete finished. Makes the Red Arrows look rank amateurs in precision planning.

The morning of Sunday 20th July was a hive of activity and as always it’s amazing the speed at which the whole event comes together. OK a few trusting souls were seen testing the ground with the odd toe not believing all the water had gone. The pitches were all dry and firm ideal to stick a few tent pegs in. The de-rigeur format of Gazebos for each stand gave shade from the sun rather than anything dripping from the sky. Gazebos eh? Designed by a madman from hell these crazy tents on stilts had a number perplexed when the instructions and those essential labels on the poles were lost The crafty had colour coded the joints; where’s the fun in that?

Around 25 stands were on display:-




Built for speed – not the train (see below) but Steve’s Yamaha motorbikes. Kath Walters ( Parish Council Chair) was caught hanging around this stand far longer than necessary  and is now in the market for at least a leather jacket and rivets.





Dutch Street Organ playing popular melodies (new and old) Beautifully restored this gem arrived on its own purpose built and self powered trailer. Took all the fun at watching someone trying to reverse a trailer. Go on – you know you do.







Scouts and their games 3 legged race, egg and spoon + coconut shy, splat the rat, throwing bean bags in the toilet? 0r bags in the bog!, It was a new one by the way.
















Irish dancers – who would have made mincemeat of any English Morris dancers. Maybe a dance off next year.








Seventeen piece Swing band








Birds of Prey that included a Kookaburra, native of Australia and able to withstand the English weird weather as it was hatched in the UK. – I asked







The fete events committee had its own stalls of home-made cakes, (that’s what the note said but rumour has it the stalls were more like gazebos from which they sold cakes,) and a tombola, NP Stall, Raffle 1st prize 24” flat screen colour TV with built in DVD, 2nd prize £50 High Street voucher, 3rd prize painting of the War Memorial by local artist Margaret Burns, 4th prize Elements champagne spa for two and many others.





Utility Warehouse – win a Mini








Tubby’s hook a duck






Mini agricultural show – judged by Mrs Elizabeth Ellis-Anne & Cllr Jill Laming
Carcroft Art Buds – local artists display
Local History Society showing how we used to look and why.Four separate charity stalls
Vintage Teas were popular once more after supporting the Fete for the last three years. The tea served was actually new.
Jewellery stall
Local Flower and plant stall – from the Adwick Community Enterprise
Hand- made cards
Needlecrafts and fabrics
Royal British Legion
Sweetie Girls
Owston View Rest Home



Not really  a stand unless you count something 100 metres long and 20cm wide, the model railway was a great hit with the young and Colin, the churchwarden. Colin declared “bags I’m the driver” first proving the fascination with railways doesn’t stop with vicars. The rails were made from old bed frames. Makes you wonder if Colin’s relatives all now sleep on the floor.


The fete was deemed an enjoyable success by those attending and the store holders who openly recognised the degree of planning that went in behind the scenes. The iffy weather the day before, the pub closing were a mere bagatelle to these event guys. If only there was an alternative to erecting  those unmentionble gazebos it would have been perfect.

Christmas Tree Lighting 7th December 2013 at 6:30 pm

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Due to the success of last years event we will again be following the tradition of providing a village Christmas Tree. The lighting of the Christmas Tree will take place on the 7th December 2013 at 6.30pm. at the War memorial. There will mulled wine, mince pies and carol signing. Please come along and enjoy yourself.

Pictures from last year’s event

Village Fete 21st July 2013

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Congratulations to all members of the Events Committee – Adrian, Andrew, Brian, Diane, Elaine, Fay, Julia, Karen, Les, Moravian and Val for organising another very successful event. The day was well attended and everyone enjoyed the variety of stalls and entertainment. The Committee raised


The next Events Committee Meeting will take place in the function room of The Burghwallis Public House at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 22 November 2013.

© Burghwallis Parish Council 2017