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The Entire Parish of Burgh Wallis contains 245 inhabitants

The Return for the Township of Burghwallis includes parts of the Hamlets of Haywood and Robin Hood’s Well the other parts being in the Townships of Moss and Skelbrooke respectively Campsall and South Kirby Parishes, and states that 14 persons have emigrated since 31st Dec 1840.

Note c – The Entire Parish of Campsall contains 2,149 inhabitants and 9,390 acres. 

The Return for the Township of Askerne includes 5 persons in barns and 131 visitors for the benefit of the mineral waters. 

Part of the Township of Moss (containing 11 houses) is stated to belong to the Parish of Kirk Bramwith, but is wholly returned in that of Campsall.

Note d – The Returns for the Townships of Campsall and Norton state that 5 and 23 persons respectively have emigrated since 31st Dec 1840. 

The Township of Campsall includes the Hamlet of Barnsdale. 

The Township of Sutton is partly in the Parish of Burghwallis and partly in that of Campsall. The Entire Township contains 133 inhabitants.

In an article published in the Yorkshire Archeaological Journal, Volume 23, the author JW Clay noted that there were ‘few counties in England in which the Landed Gentry took greater part in the conflict between King Charles the First and his Parliament than was the case in Yorkshire.’

He then gives details of the main Yorkshire Royalists and Parliamentarians.


ANNE, Philip, Esq of Frickley and Burghwallis (son of George ANNE of thesame Place and Margaret FENTON).  In the defence of Pontefract Castle.  Died 1647.  Marr. Ellen, dau. and coheir of Hugh SHERBURN of Esholt.

ANNE, Michael, Esq., of Frickley and Burghwallis, eldest son of the above Philip ANNE.  In the defence of Pontefract Castle. Compounded (with his father’s estate) 26 May 1652 (vol iii,166)*.  Will 20 Mar

1709/10.  Mar. Eleanor, dau of Robert STAPLETON of Templehurst; 2ly, Frances, dau. of Sir Francis FORTESCUE.

*This reference is to the Yorkshire Composition Papers, printed by the Record Series in volumes xv, xviii, xx.

85. Everild (or Aviril, or Everidaie) Wentworth: Born about 1619, Kirkby,

Yorkshire, England; Christened 18 February 1627, Woolley, Yorkshire, England.

Married John Thornhill: Born about 1615-1628, Fixby, Yorkshire, England.

Sources: LDS records.

86. Thomas Wentworth Sr.: Born 1586, South Elmsall, Yorkshire, England

Married Miss Marshall. Thomas and Miss Marshall’s children were all born

between 1613 and 1641. They were: Elizabeth Wentworth, William Wentworth,

Everilda Wentworth who married John Thornhill, Thomasine Wentworth, Martha

Wentworth, George Wentworth, Anne Wentworth, Thomas Wentworth Jr., John

Wentworth, Wombwell Wentworth and Michael Wentworth. Sources: LDS records.

87. William Wentworth Sr.: Born 1555, of Little Houghton, Yorkshire, England

Married about 1587, of South Elmsall, Yorkshire, England; Joane Margery Hales:

Born 1559, of Yorkshire, England. William and Joane had seven children all of

whom were born between 1586 and 1598: Thomas Wentworth, Richard Wentworth,

Michael Wentworth, William Wentworth Jr., Hugh Wentworth, Anne Wentworth, and

Elizabeth Wentworth. Sources: LDS records.

88. Christopher Wentworth: Born about 1533, of Littlenoughton, Yorkshire,

England; Married Elizabeth Baxter: Born about 1537, of Bolton on Dearne,

Yorkshire, England. Sources: LDS records.

89. Thomas Wentworth Sr.: Born about 1494-6, of Bretton, Yorkshire, England;

Married about 1524, Thuroncoe, Yorkshire, England; Elizabeth Flintell: Born

1507, Yorkshire, England. Thomas and Elizabeth’s children were born between

1529 and 1545. They were: Thomas Wentworth Jr., Roger Wentworth, Christopher

Wentworth, Hugh Wentworth, Isabel Wentworth, Alice Wentworth, Elizabeth

Wentworth, Catherine Wentworth and Barbara Wentworth. Sources: LDS records.

90. Matthew Wentworth: Born about 1444, Bretton, Yorkshire, England; Married

Elizabeth Woodrove (or Woodruff): Born about 1446, Wooley, Yorkshire, England.

Sources: LDS records.

91. Richard Wentworth: Born about 1395, North Elmsall, Yorkshire, England;

Died After 3 October 1488; Married Cecilia Tansley. Richard is listed as

living in Bretton, South Bretton, West Bretton and North Elmsall (Elm’s Hall).

All of their children except Isabel are listed in his will. She was presumably

deceased at this time. They were: Margaret Wentworth, Matthew Wentworth,

Robert Wentworth, Elisabeth Wentworth, John Wentworth, Amor Wentworth, William

Wentworth and Isabel Wentworth. Sources: LDS records.

92. John Wentworth III: Born about 1369, North Elmsall, Yorkshire, England;

Married 1390, No. Elmsall, Yorkshire, England; (Other records show that they

were married about 1382 in Nettlestead, Suffolk, England.) Agnes Dronsfield

(or Dransfield): Born about 1372, of Bretton, Yorkshire, England. John and

Agnes’ children were all born between 1374 and 1407. They were: Henry

Wentworth, Thomas Wentworth, John I Wentworth, Richard Wentworth, Roger

Wentworth and John II Wentworth. Sources: LDS records.

93. John Wentworth II: Born about 1345, Elms Hall, Yorkshire, England;

Married 1365, Elmsall, Yorkshire, England; Jane (or Joan) Le Tyas: Born about

1345-7, Burghwallis, Yorkshire, England. Sources: LDS records. 

94. John Wentworth I: Born about 1320, Elms Hall, Yorkshire, England; Married

Joane Brissett. Sources: LDS records. 

95. William De Wentworth III: Born about 1295, Elms. Hall, Yorkshire, England

Married Isabell Pollington: Born about 1286-1300, of Pollington Hall,

Yorkshire, England. Sources: LDS records.

96. William Wentworth II: Born about 1240, of Wentworth and Woodhouse,

Yorkshire, England; Married 1288, Wentworth-Woodhouse, Yorkshire, England;

Dyonisia (or Dyonsia, or Dimysia) Rotherfield (or De Rothfield): Born about

1246 Rothfield, Yorkshire, England. Sources: LDS records.

97. William Wentworth I: Born 1195, of Wentworth, Yorkshire, England.

Sources: LDS records.

98. Hugh Wentworth: Born about 1175 of Wentworth, Yorkshire, England Married

about 1193-5, of Wentworth, Yorkshire, England: Mabil (Wentworth). Sources:

LDS records.

99. Henry De Wentworth: Born about 1140, Bretton, Yorkshire, England.

Sources: LDS records.

100. Michael Wentworth: Born about 1109-1118, of Wentworth, Yorkshire,

England. Sources: LDS records.

101. Richard De Wentworth: Born about 1070-1090, of Wentworth, Yorkshire,

England. Sources: LDS records.

102. Henry De Wentworth: Born about 1045, of Wentworth, Yorkshire, England.

Sources: LDS records.

103. Reginald De Wentworth or Wynterwade: Born about 1020 of Wentworth,

Yorkshire, England. Sources: LDS records.


Could some kind soul look up in the 1881 census

Frederick Walker WHEATCROFT  born December 19 1860 in Burghwallis Yorkshire but not living in Yorkshire  during the census.  His family emigrated in 1880 to the US but he married his wife in Darfield parish in Feb 15 1883. Where is he?  

  Now back to Genealogy!

Thanks to those Early Journals I have found some more info on some of my lines but still want MORE!! I am looking for several lines and records of any of them. Does anyone have any info on Hugh Erland in the late 1600’s?

 JOAN (JOHANN) TANKERSLEY m. SIR HUGH ELAND Knt. of Eland in the wapentake of Agbrigg and Morley, Co. York, England 


ALICE TANKERSLEY b.Yorkshire England m. ROBEERT TYAS of Burghwallis 

SIR HENRY TANKERSLEY, Knt. b. 1575 m. AGNES PICTAVEUS daughter and coheiress of ROGER PICTAVEUS, Lord of Burghwallis, formerly De Bergo

REUBEN TANKERSLEY m. SARAH ANN BEVERLY and came to America from England

and settled in King George County, Virginia about 1708 

I would love to learn more. Also does anyone know of the coat of arms

for any of these names? I will be glad to share what I have so far.

Thanks eveyone!


Surnames from England:


Notee o – The Entire Parish of Owston contains 511 inhabitants

        and 2,560 acres. The Return for the Township of Owston includes

        the Hamlets of Carcroft and Holme

KNOWLSON surname/Yorkshire
 Author: Deb Boyer
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I am a direct descendent of Richard Knowlson, b. Nov., 1804 in Burghwallis, South Yorkshire; parents William Knowlson and Eleanor Pollard Knowlson. Siblings were William, John and Elizabeth. William married Elizabeth Stanley; John did not marry; Elizabeth married Michael Lilley. Brother William’s daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Gardom. Thomas’ parents George and Anne Gardom are buried @ St. John’s Church cemetery @ Balby, Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
All immigrated to U.S. by 1844. Am greatly interested in locating any information re: ancestry of these families and
would be happy to share. Thanks!
Deb Boyer