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This collection of facts from the history of Burghwallis has been amassed over decades by local historian Margaret Burns. It will represent a unique collection of facts from 1086 – The Doomsday Book to the 1980’s. The list will grow over the next few months as more data is added.

Census 1841 see more

Changes 700-1900 see more

Childhood Memories or WWII see more

Cricket Club see more

Directories 1822 – 1867. see more

‘History of Doncaster’ Edward Miller 1804. see more

The great famine 1315. see more

Lords of the Manor of Burghwallis. see more

Old Photos 1920 – 1950 see more

Burghwallis – Pontefract 1822 see more

Burghwallis population 1801 – 1901 see more

Rectors of St Helen’s Church see more

Roman Forts see more

The “Seven Sisters “- A journey through Hunter’s South Yorkshire see more

Skellow Grange 1804 see more

Squirrel Wood. see more

Village Hall see more

Warship week 1942 see more

Well Lane – 1947 see more

Welcome Home gift World War II see more