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(Our Mission Statement)

The Parish Council is committed to maintaining and enhancing the character of the village and environs as laid down in the Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan.

We are rightly proud of our village as a semi-rural community with its rich history. This is demonstrated by the number and quality of the built environment elements, historic sites and the status of part of the village as a Conservation Area.

The Parish Council is continually working to ensure this situation remains the norm. We are open to any comments and suggestions from residents and visitors that will help us to achieve this. Please speak directly to any member of the Council, or send us a message via the website, or attend any of our meetings (8/9 per year). In addition to “regular” meetings we have an Annual Meeting to report on the significant events of the past year, our plans for the next year, and to listen to any comments or suggestions from the public. The dates of all meetings are advertised on the village notice board and on the Parish Council website, www.burghwallis.org.uk

The main areas of focus are:

  • Routine liaison with DMBC ‘Street Scene’, ‘Highways Department’ and local volunteers to help maintain roadways, road marking, hedgerows and paths, to ensure that we keep our footpaths and hedgerows clear of litter.
  • Planting of shrubs and bulbs to restore and enhance roadside environments
  • Maintain the Playing Field for the enjoyment of all
  • Upkeep of all historic sites including the Poor’s Field.
  • Encouragement and support for the village Church, Pub and Squirrel Wood Scout Camp as community focal points

We hope that residents and visitors will appreciate and assist our efforts in achieving these goals.