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Populations 1801-1901 

[Victoria County History – Yorkshire]

Adwick-le-Street Township1,638284314346382434342280305257280294
Skellow Township931105126146181206181185143164135143

Owston Township (+ Carcroft?)1,815250286306292305236269274289306231


Burghwallis and Owston were ‘Estate ‘ villages.

Adwick-le-Street and Skellow were ‘Freeholder’ villages.

Adwick-le-Street Parish contained the Townships of Adwick and Hampole.  The figures given are those for Adwick Township only but, as there are no statistics given for Woodlands, it seems likely that Woodlands was included in Adwick Township.

Burghwallis Parish also contained land at Robin Hood’s Well, Haywood, Blacker Green and Rushymoor.

Owston Parish contained the villages of Owston and Skellow.  There is no mention of Carcroft as a separate township, so from the figures given it seems likely that Carcroft was taken as part of Owston Township.