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Details of Public Land and Assets

The Playing Field

The children’s playing field is situated on Grange Lane DN6 9JR and is approx. 1 acre in size. The area is owned by Fields in Trust with Burghwallis Parish Council as Trustees. The playing field was gifted to the Parish in 1941 by Robert Anne of the Anne family. The land is used today for sports and recreation activities and also social events within the village.

Poor’s Field

The Poor’s field lies North East of Burghwallis village adjacent to Burghwallis Road DN6 9QA. The field covers approx. 2.7 acres of arable land which was once part of Sutton Fields. The land was gifted to the Parish Council for the benefit of the poor people of the village. Today the land is rented for animal husbandry grazing for sheep and horses and the rent being used to provide activities for the parishioners of the Burghwallis.