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And This Little Piggy Went Home

Good News

DMBC planning department yesterday published its decision to refuse permission on the latest application for the development of the proposed pig farm adjacent to Squirrel Wood. We can’t describe such a unit as “intensive” – that only applies if there are more than 2000 animals involved! Apparently!

The reasons given for refusal are that of noise in the context of its close proximity to the Squirrel Wood Scout unit, and the unsuitability of The Abbe’s Walk as a means of access to the site. The Abbe’s Walk is totally unsuitable for very large HGV’s, due to its narrow width, infrequent passing places, and poor condition. Other points of objection were not considered significant enough to warrant refusal in their own right.

The farmer is entitled to appeal, of course. Given the reasons for refusal are matters that cannot be ameliorated (the Scouts are not going to go away and the road cannot physically be upgraded to the standard required), it is difficult to see how any further application can be deemed acceptable.

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