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Burghwallis Census -1841

The village of Burghwallis has had roughly the same number of residents for over 100 years. Registering a population of 243 in 1841, the current population is 249.

The great plague of 1665 almost wiped the village out, and for some time Burghwallis was largely abandoned, but it has never suffered from over expansion.

Burghwallis has not only retained much of its old world charm, but stands a good chance of remaining unspoilt for a long time to come.

Kenneth Dutton Doncaster Gazette Jan 16th 1947

Being largely a conservation area and supported by a Neighbourhood Plan influenced by the local residents, modern developments have been largely in keeping with this observation.

Take a look at the population numbers from 1801 – 1901

This website is also compiling historical data in our Burghwallis archives, which you may find interesting. It is work in progress so pop back in a while to see the latest additions.

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