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Burghwallis Poor’s Land

For those of you who may not be aware of it, there is a field off Burghwallis Road, which is known as the Poor’s Land. This field was bequeathed to the parish of Burghwallis many years ago, and is rented out. The rental income is received and managed by an established charity, which has trustees to administer it and is to be used for the benefit of the residents of Burghwallis. The current income is £600 per annum. For some years now, this income has been used to fund an annual Christmas lunch for over the 60s who are residents of the village.

The trustees will be interested to hear from current residents about their views on how this income should be used in the future. This does not mean there will be no Christmas lunches – there are other funds available to cover this event.

We would therefore be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to think about this money and put forward any suggestions you may have.

You can let us have your thoughts either by:

Email to: clerkburghwalliscouncil@talkatalk.net

Leave a message on our website by filling in the comments section below

Speak to any member of the parish council

Jill Laming, ‘Longcroft’, The Abbè’s Walk, Burghwallis DN6 9JQ

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