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Ducks and Deer Slow Traffic

If you venture down the Eastern side of the village you may have noticed some local animals are venturing out and about. There have been a number of ducks wandering about on Grange Lane from the nearby pond. Similarly a couple of deer have escaped from the deer farm and taken, as you do, to springing in, out and about of the hedgerows.

In order to avoid these chaps from getting squashed the parish council have arranged for some road warning signs to be erected. It is expected the ducks or deer will care not a jot about reading the signs but it is hoped, however, motorists will drive with a little more caution through the village and give our mates a sporting chance. If these signs have the desired effect, there are plans to import a couple lions to roam the mid parts of the village and allow some further warning signs to slow traffic. The jury is out however whether having the odd lion will slow traffic or cause drivers to accelerate the heck out of it. But in the meantime please look out for the ducks and deer that prefer to be able to roam without being whacked into oblivion.

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