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Farmer Friendly Crop Circles

A few years back farmers dreaded the appearance of ‘crop circles’. They ruined crops and cost farmers a small fortune.

The intrigue behind the originators threw up all manner of options as to who created these visual masterpieces – including aliens. The intricate geometric patterns were masked by the growing crops and predominately only seen from above. Helicopters from local news channels would scoot across the field taking pictures. And the farmers counted the cost of couple of acres of crop squashed flat.

But is there a way of achieving these spectacular crop circle images without inducing the wrath of the farmer. There is a magic moment of 7 to 10 days after the corn crop is harvested before muck spreading, ploughing and harrowing begins. The short stubble could allow some designs to be created and on rising land be visible from adjacent footpaths and roads without the need for an aerial view, but then there are drones now. Maybe the farmers could charge? Just a thought.

Not crop circles – just the random tracks of farm vehicles in the stubble after the harvest

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