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Good News for the Gardeners

As the weather this summer has been ideal for growth in the garden – wet spells and then mini heatwaves – we have all generated much more green waste than usual, but have been stymied by the lack of green bin collections. This has been followed by monthly collections only, or you have needed to spent hours queueing up at the tip to get rid of the stuff.

Relief is on the way, as DMBC have announced that green bin collections will resume their original fortnightly schedule, with effect from 1st September, in line with the calendar we all received for this year.

This means our green wheelie bins are to be collected on this Wednesday 26th August thereafter every fortnight as usual until the end of November- providing nowt else nasty pops up.

Do remember if you have been storing bits of unwanted nature in plastic bags to empty the contents without the bag into your green bin. And remember the collection guys won’t want to take any overspill you leave alongside the bin.

So, out with the secateurs and pruners, folks!

Our thanks to Alison Briggs who spotted a date error. We got so excited about the return of the green wheelie bin collections we skipped a month and banged on about the next collection being 26th Sept -when it was actually 26th August. Thus if you wondered what the commotion was about a week or so ago and were puzzled as to how your green waste somehow disappeared the DMBC knew what they were doing – we didn’t. Apologies!

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