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Healthier Broadband

For those of us who have bemoaned the extremely tardy delivery of decent broadband by Openreach, there is some unexpectedly good news. 

Now don’t hold your breath; we know Openreach have yet to go anywhere near their spanners to install fibre cables. We must therefore languish in the knowledge with our 3 mbps we are right up there with the slowest broadband speeds – in the world.

But there is some hidden good news for we in the realms of “not-spots” (term used when communications are poor or fragmented). Apparently we lead an altogether better life style! Being devoid of decent t’internet speeds we go to bed earlier, get 30 minutes extra sleep, feel more relaxed away from the constant barrage of Face tube and You twit or from watching a tad too much Netflix.

This is good, this what we wanted to hear. Instead of waiting three hours to download a movie we should shout in appreciation of all the snails that trundle along the local phone lines delivering narrow band to Burghwallis. Apparently the U.K. overall lies in 35th position in the world league table for broadband speeds. Fame at last, but I bet most of us would dearly love to get broadband fit for the 21st century. Instead we should cherish the extra sleep, be ever  grateful for the freedom from social media, hearing from Donald Trump at best third hand and trot about our lives tipping the nod to Openreach for leaving us behind. On the other hand…….

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