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Helping Hands Urgently Wanted

For all those who hate volunteering – beware – now is the time to dip your head and look the other way. Looming up there is another bout of ‘doing stuff in Burghwallis’ that you should try and avoid. But never fear, the “usual merry band of suspects” will fill the void.

This Saturday, 28th November anyone driving up or indeed down Scorcher Hills Lane from 10:00 am will see a bunch of guys digging small holes and popping daffodil bulbs into the verge. Should you wish to prove a point and  join in all that is required is a small spade and about an hour. This way you get some exercise, and next spring you can drive along Scorcher Hills and wave at a line of dafs you helped plant and feel mighty chuffed.

For the more adventurous and mechanically minded another team will be strimming the grass between the new hedgerow also planted along Scorcher Hills. This team will start at the other end and it will be well worth turning up to witness the predicted mayhem as the two teams pass each other in the middle.

If you own a strimmer and want to join this team they are also meeting up at 10:00 this Saturday morning. If you don’t have strimmer but are determined to join in a pair of scissors may come in handy but the rest may well think you’ve lost the plot and smile unnervingly.


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