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Men In Sheds

The North Doncaster Development Trust along with the Carcroft Doctors Group Old Boys Club have spotted men wandering about the neighborhood looking as if they are in need of  a good fettle. If you feel you fall into this wondrous category and fancy spending some of your time in the company of other like minded souls come along to the Bullcroft Memorial for a cuppa, chat or get fettling on lumps of wood to make that household device the family will cherish at Christmas.

Although the Men’s Shed is open to males remember Barbara Hepworth, a lady, started with great lumps of wood or stone, drilled a stonking great hole in it and sold it for a fortune. There’s money to made and a great cuppa.

Give Frank at the Bullcroft a call on 01302 874587  or email bullcroft@northdoncaster.org.uk for further details.


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