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Minutes 25th May 2021


In Attendance:                                   Chairman                    D Maxwell

                                               Councillor                    J Laming

Councillor                    R Lomas

Councillor                    D Hudson

Councillor                    B Grimes

                                                            Clerk                           J Halsall

                                                            DMBC Councillor        A White

                                                            Residents                    Alan & Lisa

Alan & Lisa discussed the field on Burghwallis Lane that had been up for sale and the possibility of it being sold to travellers.  They had bought the land to avoid this as it was next to their bungalow.  They now intend to build a property on the land that would help and accommodate Lisa with her wheelchair.  Provisional plans have been drawn up and wanted to discuss this with the Parish Council.  As yet nothing has gone to Planning as this was in very early stages.  The Parish Council discussed the possibility that the planning could have a covenant on it to only allow the 1 property so as not to over develop the area.          This was currently green belt land.  The Parish Council said they had no other issues or concerns with the proposed development and thanked them for coming to discuss.                                

Chairman’s opening remarks and Declarations of interest

  1. Apologies for absence


  • Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 27th April 2021

RESOLVED that the minutes be signed.

  • Matters arising from the minutes 
  • Playingfield Park Repairs – Agreed to contact DMBC again                  Action JH
  • Grange Lane Sign – awaiting renewal                                                   Action BG
  • Speed Sign – Councillor Maxwell & Councillor Grimes met with Andy Stewart from DMBC and discussed the positioning of a speed sign.  Best position would be on Grange Lane on the houses side near No 8.  This could cause a problem with residents if the machine was flashing into the house windows.  Andy Stewart also discussed various other signs thru the village that can be done, including slow signs on the road.  He would send a report.  Also awaiting information on raising the funds to pay.                                         Action AS & JH
  • Grit Bins – on Scorcher Hills Lane has been stolen also request one at Burghwallis Lane, both areas are slippery when Icy.                               Action JH
  • Financial Matters

400337 – £90 JM Scott Playing field cut

400338 – £386.70 Clerk salary April, May & June

400339 – £81 HMR&C April, May & June

400340 – £130 YLCA Annual subscription

400341 – £80 DM Payroll Annual chg.

400342 – £6.60 J Halsall Stamps

400343 – £55 Mr Bosmans Internal audit

RESOLVED that the accounts payable be approved and the cheques and bank statement signed.

Yearend accounts were Internally Audited and signed. 

Parish Council Income & Expenditure under £25,000 are exempt from External audit

RESOLVED Burghwallis accounts are exempt and forms submitted accordingly

  • Playing field/Pinfold

Councillor Hudson reported on the Holly Tree needs to be pruned in a better shape, he would do this later in the year.

The spring on the gate to the playing fields is being propped open by stones, but does close by itself if left.

Councillor Mrs Grimes has planted some flowers on the pinfold and will also plant some sunflowers.

The pipe on the pinfold does not require painting at the moment.

A hand rail on the steps of the pinfold was discussed and would be considered at a later date.

  • Poor’s Field

Nothing to report

  • Planning

21/01540/FUL Mrs C Dodds, 5 Cardinal Gardens, Burghwallis

Objections were received as the plot has no parking provision, it is an over developed site and over 18 cars can be parked in this area at certain times.

RESOLVED to write a letter from the Parish Council to raise objections    Action DM

  • Correspondence

Emails all circulated & dealt with accordingly.

  • Website

            All updated, a number of blogs have been done.

  1. New Matters/Any Other Business                         

Councillor Hudson reported on the recent damage to Burghwallis Hall, this has been reported to the auctioneers and the sale sign company.  There is currently an offer in advance negotiations after 3 previous offers were withdrawn.

Councillor Mrs Grimes reported on the Great British Spring Clean litter pick arranged for 2nd June at 10am at Squirrel wood.  DMBC would be contacted when it was competed to collect the bags of rubbish.                                               Action BG

Councillor Grimes reported on the bus stop, as a resident had complained how dangerous it was to cross the road at this point after getting off the bus.  It was agreed to contact DMBC and SYPassenger transport.                                 Action JH

Councillor Grimes reported on the flowers had been stolen that had just been planted on the War Memorial.

Councillor Grimes requested that the police (PCSO) be contacted and requested to attend the next meeting.                                                                      Action JH

Next Meeting

The next meeting to be held at The Burghwallis Public House commencing at 7pm.

Tuesday 6th July 2021

Tuesday 17th August 2021 There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.40pm.

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