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Minutes 9th November 2021


In Attendance:                                   Chairman                    D Maxwell

                                               Councillor                    D Hudson

                                               Councillor                    J Laming

Councillor                    R Lomas

Councillor                    B Grimes

                                                            Clerk                           J Halsall

                                                            DMBC                         A White

                                                            2 x Residents                         

A presentation was given for the new Parish Council website needed for the village incorporating an App if required.  The current website was over 8 years old and needs upgrading.

Chairman’s opening remarks and Declarations of interest

  1. Apologies for absence


  • Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 28th September 2021

RESOLVED that the minutes be signed.

  • Matters arising from the minutes 
  • Playing Field Repairs – Awaiting repairs when materials are available, to chase again                                                                                Action: DMBC
  • Grange Lane Sign – Done    
  • Speed Sign –Awaiting Police report from last meeting
  • Carriageway repairs – Sides of the carriage way are in need of repair as they are not classed as potholes on Grange Lane & Abbes Walk.
  • Remembrance Day – Sunday 14th November in the Park at 1pm.
  • Christmas Arrangements – Councillor Mr Hudson reported he would sort the Christmas tree out.  The Tree lighting and mince pie event was booked for 11th December at 6.30pm.  This would be advertised in the church magazine.
  • Defibrillator Maintenance – An invoice to be sent to the Parish Council for payment of the new pads.
  • Financial Matters

400351 – Cancelled

400352 – £90 JM Scott Playing field cutting

400353 – £45 J Laming Engraving plaques

400354 – £6.28 Mr Hudson – Expenses

400355 – £535.60 J Halsall Oct, Nov & Dec pay

400356 – £119.20 HMR&C Paye

400357 – £1,500 Parav Website deposit

400358 – £25 Royal British Legion Wreath

400359 – £26.49 Mr Hudson Expenses

400360 – £16.68 TSHOST Website fee

400361 – £100 Church Magazine donation

RESOLVED that the accounts payable be approved and the cheques and bank statement signed.

  • Playing field/Pinfold

It was reported Wildflower seeds have been planted and a rotten Bird Box has been replaced.  All notification signs are in place.

  • Poor’s Field

No problems with the field reported.  Next rental payment is due in November.

There are currently 36 people booked for this year’s Christmas lunch.  16th December.  This would be advertised in the church magazine.  The price of this year’s lunch was discussed.

RESOLVED to negotiate the current quoted price                                        Action: JL

  • Planning

21/02915/FUL – No objections raised.

  • Correspondence

Emails all circulated & dealt with accordingly.

  • Website

2 options were given for the new website

RESOLVED to go with option 1

New Matters/Any Other Business                         

An attempted break in was reported on Grange Lane around 3pm last Sunday.  No police have been for house-to-house enquiries.

It was reported that the residents that currently maintain the War Memorial are no longer able to continue.  Councillor Mr Hudson & Councillor Mrs Grimes said they would take over the maintenance.

RESOLVED to send a thank you letter to Mr & Mrs Hoffermans.                Action: JH

It was reported that the new Vicar Chris would attend the next meeting to introduce himself. The Parish Council would also invite him to the Christmas Lunch. Action: JL

Next Meeting

The next meeting to be held at The Burghwallis Public House commencing at 7pm.

Tuesday 14th December 2021

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9pm.

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