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New website for Burghwallis Parish Council

Hello and welcome to the new look Burghwallis Parish Council website.

We hope you like it and please do contact us if you have suggestions or comments.


One comment on “New website for Burghwallis Parish Council

  • Thanks Kath. There is another issue I think you should all be aware of. Last night at approx 6.45pm, my wife was at home. The double gates were open when she caught sight of a young girl walking down our driveway.
    On Wed 15 July 2015 my wife was at home when she saw a young girl walking down our driveway in Grange Lane – the double gates were open.
    The girl disappeared down the side of our caravan.
    My wife went out and realising that she had been seen the girl turned back up the drive.
    My wife went out onto Grange Lane and saw that there were a group of 3 or 4 girls together with a boy walking away towards Scorcher Hills Lane. She shouted at them regarding what the girl was doing without much success.
    The only description of the girl was 15-16yrs with a light brown pony tail.
    This may be nothing of note but I think people should be aware in case we get any sneak in burglaries or thefts.

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