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Scout event in Squirrel Wood

We have received information about the Scouts’ district camp Bungle-ee event taking place at Squirrel Wood on the weekend of 1st – 3rd July 2022.

Young people will arriving on Friday between 5:30 and 7pm. Parents/drivers have been instructed to access the Wood via A19 and The Abbes Walk, they will then turn into the Wood. They hope to have enough adults/leaders on hand so that traffic does not queue out of the Wood gates, but if it does it will only be for a short period of time. Parents leaving have been instructed to leave via Burghwallis Lane back to the A19 or through the village as appropriate.

Saturday morning will see a small number of day visitors arrive between 8:30 and 9:30am but they should be able to accommodate these numbers within the Wood.

Sunday is the only potential busy/hectic period. The event finishes at 3pm. To try and reduce congestion there are three staggered departure times 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. They hope to have most people off site by 6pm. Parents collecting young people will follow the same traffic flow as Friday; and again they will do their best to keep The Abbes Walk clear.

A few local residents walk their dogs through Squirrel Wood. The Scouts have requested that people don’t do this during that weekend?

Hopefully disruption will be kept to a minimum and you may only hear a bit of music and plenty of fun and laughter coming from the Wood. For many young people, and adults, it will be their first time camping in nearly 3 years.

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