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There She Blows.

You may have come across a team of Yorkshire Water chaps down Stoney Croft Lane. There be a blockage in the sewer line!

Speculation abounds, was it a build up of the thousands of loo rolls we have all been buying during the initial panic buying with covid-19. It was a complete block, the guys said, thus the clog clearance team was assembled, yet more heroes in the essential support workers of the covid outbreak.

The well tried technique comprised a large water delivery bowser pump coupled at the pump house, and a second team with a large vacuum cesspit emptying pump installed at the manhole inspection pit at the very bottom of Stoney Croft Lane near the playing field. Thus team A pumped and team B sucked. As to the selection of the members of the two teams it was revealed team B were the faster runners – when the blockage was released.

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