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A safer walk to Skellow

Over the years, the pavement from the end of the houses on Grange Lane to the wooded area on the approach to Skellow has gradually become narrower due to the encroachment of grass and weeds from the adjoining field. This has meant that it was impossible to walk two abreast, or to pass someone walking in the opposite direction, without stepping out on to the road, where traffic is allowed to speed past at 60 mph (legally), but often faster by the less safety concious drivers.

After some eighteen months of pleading with various officers and councillors of DMBC, the Parish Council is pleased to report that the pavement twixt Burghwallis and Skellow has now been cleared, making it wider, and thus allowing a safer passage for pedestrians (and dogs!) without worrying about just how close the wing mirror of a passing vehicle can get to your rear end.

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