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Council Meeting Gets Busy

normally at the Parish Council Meetings the councillors are busy with ongoing projects and developments. But at the last meeting – 8th January 2019 at the Burghwallis pub there were joined by 12 members of the public in attendance.

You can see the host of ongoing parish projects by reading the latest draft minutes from the council meeting on the Village Notice Board. But at this meeting two new projects were tabled by members of the public. If you have great idea or burning question you too can pitch up and have your moment at the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 19th February.

Sally and a team from the Burghwallis pub tabled outline plans to develop a children adventure play area along the boundary with the existing playground area. Further details of the plan will be published in the near future.

Fay presented a proposal to use some residual funds from the now closed Events committee to remove the ivy from the trees along Grange Lane. This stretch of trees that provide the canopy over Grange lane from the notice board to the Dower House has been described by planners as being one of the best village scapes in the UK. The ivy is slowly killing these trees and needs clearing away. It’s quite job and needs concerted action by a contractor.

The web site is need of a substantial update to improve appearance and security. This was cleared by the council to complete the exercise which can be seen in the separate blog here.

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