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Cardiac Arrest

A group of 26 villagers recently attended a one hours CPR training session  on the use of our new defibrillator that is fitted to the outside wall of the Burghwallis pub.

The informative training session, held in the Burghwallis pub on 5th June was conducted by the ambulance service along with the regional coordinator of the defibrillator units.  Those attending the training were drawn from a mix of young and old who saw the huge benefits of this training. With defibrillators becoming common place throughout the country and overseas, they are proven to give an 85 per cent chance of reviving a patient from cardiac arrest.

Critically the training was also deigned to overcome any reluctance to use the equipment; once activated the equipment gives reassuring voice instructions on what to do. In essence you can’t overdo the shocking process – this is automatic. This leaves you to concentrate on the chest compressions to massage the heart that are equally vital. 

The training was conducted by knowledgeable ambulance crew who mixed humour with facts. “You can’t kill anyone with the CPR process but you can bring them back to life or preserve life until the ambulance arrives.”

You can see a training video here. 



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