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And We Are Back

An old friend has found its way home. The Burghwallis welcome sign along Scorcher Hills Lane is back in place.

Similar to the many stories of garden gnomes who seem to travel the world yet no one knows how or why, our sign disappeared for a while on its own travels. Actually it went away for repair but the company handling the overhaul regretfully went bust. Despite numerous, unsuccessful phone calls to the receivers things looked gloomy. Our sign was destined to lay in a shed somewhere. Then out of the blue the finished sign appeared in the church yard. We believe a previous employee of the sign company had taken pity on the plight and sneaked the sign back.

A little engineering work by Brenda and Rob Grimes was required as the fixing had gone AWOL. And  the sign was once again welcoming people back to the village. Everyone that is apart from the litter dumping bogans!

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