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How are we doing 2014-15

There have been a number of actions completed around the village, some obvious some not so obvious. A summary of the achievements over the last couple of years was made at the public meeting in November 2013.

You can take a look at a summary of the meeting by clicking here Public Consultation Meeting Parish Council 19.11.13 (opens as a pdf please wait approx. 30 seconds to load).


Speeding – as a result of the recent petition there are now improvements to the road markings around the village, an example being the high visibility 30mph road signs.


Public Consultation Meeting 191113.004

Litter – DMBC now collect litter from the length of Grange Lane including Abbes Walk plus a monthly street cleaning by DMBC is now in place.

Litter pickers 2013
Litter pickers 2013


Pinfold – clearing, maintaining, re-building stone walls in order to preserve an original and historic village amenity.

The Pinfold
The Pinfold

War Memorial – cleaning, providing and re-laying paving around the Memorial and adding stone troughs with floral displays.





Playing Field – improvement to fencing and an additional entrance.  The Playing Field is inspected once a week for cleanliness and safety and a contract now in place for ground maintenance.

Playing field

Poor’s Field – rent from the Poor’s Field provided Christmas Dinner in the Burghwallis for senior citizens of the village.



    • Web Site  – to improve interaction with members of the Parish we have developed a parish web site with the intention of keeping all members informed of any developments.Public Consultation Meeting 191113.009
    • Village Meetings – The Council has recently introduced regular community meetings and all members of the Parish are invited to attend. This will enable you to influence future events.

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