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Dib, Dib Dob Dibbers Needed

For those of us who got a voucher this Christmas and are wondering what to spend them on there is of course the best gift of all – a stainless steel dibber.

You may have read of the dearth of volunteers in the village that was put down to the total absence of decent dibbers during the recent daffodil planting exercise. Just when you thought it safe to venture out again the parish council are to replant and repair some of the hedgerows that have been lost, damaged or decayed  over the years. This involves the planting of 450 young trees. Now before you run for the bushes, – avoiding our ducks and deer, the trees are tiny chaps only about 20cms high. JCB’s are not required on this binge, instead some volunteers  with spades and their new dibbers will be welcomed beyond belief to help: many hands etc!

If you watch this space the council will announce when the replanting exercise will take place in the spring




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