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Draft Neighbourhood Plan Open For Your Review

The working group comprising of three parish councillors, two volunteers from the village and an amazingly dedicated external volunteer from Planning Aid England have compiled the draft report. There have been some long hours, midnight oil burnt, heads scratched and a touch of Anglo Saxon vocabulary used.  As Burghwallis was a Saxon village the working group could be granted with keeping the dialect alive. Monuments have been “unearthed”, footpaths revealed, building specs reviewed and even a peek down the drains included. All this to produce the Draft Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan that aims to protect the shape, size, specifications  and facilities of the village for the future. It is still in draft form as it now requires your review; as a resident, business operating in the parish – even the utilities can have their say.

A flyer will appear through your letterbox shortly telling you where to find a copy of the report – more details are also Flyer Feb 2015 The consultation period will last from 9th February until 27th March 2015. If you have anything to add, criticise or correct please leave your comments when you take a look at the report, or send them by post to Burghwallis council c/o. 4, Scorcher Hills Lane Burghwallis or by email to burghwallisplan@gmail.com. Don’t forget to tell us who you are so we can sift out the interesting comments from the PPI and Wonga guys who might take a punt at the email address, such is the way of the world. And breathe…….

Once the comments are reviewed the final plan will be issued to the DMBC Planning Team and an independent reviewer who will check it meets all the specifications for neighbourhood plans, of which there are many.  It will then be subject to a final referendum in the village in approximately  six months before being adopted.

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