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Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan will be finally decided by local residents in a referendum on:-

Image27th October 2016

Those of us with a good memory will recall the parish council organised a working group to establish a local neighbourhood plan. This planning document provides local focus to the DMBC core strategy, and includes a number of issues that local residents feel are important to the community. You can see the final plan here NP at 28 August 2016 Please note this is quite a large document so please be patient whilst it downloads.

The final plan was submitted to the DMBC quite some time ago. It then went to an external examiner who declared it one of the best reports he has seen on neighbourhood plans. Regrettably our submission then got caught up in changes to the Town and Country planning bill. Although this did not affect our plan it served to provide a log jam that stalled all progress for nearly a year. Now, at last it’s your turn to vote to accept the plan.

The DMBC will shortly send you a polling card ( although this is not required for the actual vote). If you are registered for a postal vote this will be sent to you by the DMBC elections team.

The final draft of the Burghwallis neighbourhood plan can be seen at the Burghwallis pub, Woodlands Library and Askern Library. Copies are also held by the Burghwallis parish council. Please contact Kath Walters ( chairman) on 01302 725998 for details. You can also see the full document on-line here.

Information on the plans, their structure and relevance in the DMBC planning process, and election process can be found on the DMBC website

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