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Examiner Says Burghwallis NP Excellent Example For Others.


“The presentation of the Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan is excellent. In particular the use of photographs, colour and the interesting page designs, combine to create a visually attractive and easy to navigate document. The further use of a “logo” adds to the distinctive and professional “feel” of the plan” – says external examiner.

 The independent external examiner has now completed the review of our neighbourhood plan. There are a few cross references we need to add, and a couple of larger scale maps to improve the details.  Reviewing the Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan as part of the approval process before the referendum the examiner said  ‘the presentation of the Burghwallis Plan is an excellent example to others’.

Overall the examiner was very impressed by our submission as indicated by the following comments made:

“The Parish Council introduced a dedicated web page enabling Working Group minutes and supporting documents to be viewed and / or downloaded.”

 “The Working Group also utilised social media, setting up a Facebook account and noting/acknowledging comments. In addition to the various flyers they used local noticeboards to display information posters.”

 “Taking all of the above into account, the consultation statement presents an audit trail to demonstrate that consultation was carried out in an open manner, and people and organisations were not just provided with a fair chance to have their say, but actively encouraged to engage in shaping the Neighbourhood Plan. Comments received were duly considered and evidence has been provided to demonstrate that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views of local people.”

 “I am satisfied the consultation process was comprehensive and robust.”

 The plan is now being updated to incorporate the comments and advice given by the examiner. It will then be processed by the DMBC in readiness for the public referendum – way ahead of anything to do with Scotland or the EU this time!



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