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Help To Spruce Up Burghwallis

The grand Burghwallis litter clean up “Clean for the Queen” is looming up – March 5th to be precise.

There has been a good response from volunteers so far and even the DMBC are very interested in the exercise. Encouraged by the recent clean up of The Abbe’s Walk when 40 bags of Bogan junk was collected the DMBC are anxious to see how they can help and are joining in the exercise on the 5th March. The more volunteers we have will help elevate awareness of the state of our highway verges.

For those who feel the whole process should be handled by the DMBC in the first place, some sad news; they can no longer afford it. The recessionary government cutbacks have dramatically reduced the local grant, and with the Chancellors recent slip of bad news a coming in the next budget, things are about to get worse.

It would be better if the Bogans who dump the litter are apprehended and made to clear it up for several years – along with the guys on community service. But this seems a remote possibility and therefore if we want to walk and drive along clear roads we all have to pitch in. Our taxes have been swiped for other things.

As an example the Abbe’s Walk clean-up recovered 40 bags of rubbish. Just three weeks later the Bogans have returned. A quick glance reveals the ‘Clean for the Queen’ which is part of a national exercise will be well worth it – and the more volunteers the better.

If you have any ideas who the guys  are who dump rubbish throughout the length and breath of the UK – let us know.

“Clean for the Queen volunteers are meeting in the Burghwallis car park at 10:30 on March 5th. Teams will be simultaneously cleaning the five roads that lead to the village. Each road is around one mile long (to the parish boundary) resulting in 10 miles of verge that will look spick and span. Litter picking tongs and a high viz jacket will be provided by the DMBC – and at the end not only will you feel great you get to have a pie and peas meal in the Burghwallis where you can compare notes on the treasure you discovered in the hedge rows of Burghwallis.

Please contact Kath Walters on 01302 725998 so we can organise the catering.

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