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Further History On Burghwallis Hall

A little more on the history of Burghwallis and in particular the Anne family.

These details have been added to the “Village History – Burghwallis Hall”

The Anne family were long established in the area, originally with their seat at Frickley,  but subsequently at Burghwallis Hall until this was sold to a religious order in 1942. The prosperity of the family declined from at least the 18th century, probably hastened by the civil penalties attached to their continued adherence to Roman Catholicism. The estate, and the surname in the absence of direct male heirs, passed to the Charlton family of Northumberland in the late 19th century. Most of the records of the family are held by the Yorkshire archaeological society and described in Sylvia Thomas, ‘Guide to the archive collections of the Yorkshire archaeological society’ 1931-1983  (1985) pages 42 to 43

The title deeds and mortgages including Burghwallis advowson  1718 -1843; Burghwallis,  exchange  between Higgins of Skellow and Tasburgh (Anne)  1778 – 1843 Trumfleet 1738- 1878; Thirsk ( North Yorks) Market Place 1773-1874.

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