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Lockdown Life In A Rut

The lockdown could be misconstrued as life in a bit of a rut. Unfortunately some people have taken the term literal literally. 

A walk along Scorcher Hill Lane (SHL) has revealed the tendency for drivers to navigate along lengthy sections of the now very soft verge to squeeze past opposing vehicles, rather than pulling over and waiting a few seconds. Probably a symptom of the prevailing need to blast along the highway at speed. 

It has become a tad busier in the “wrong” direction as those on sat nav are inadvertently taken north west along SHL to the A1. This being “wrong” as it is actually the long way round if you look at the map and can recall the hypotenuse theory from schooldays. Thus the need to squeeze past other guys and maintaining your urgent need to drive at pace along back lanes with soft verges has left its mark. We are in a rut.

Abbe’s Walk is showing similar soft verge damage.  The passing places being predominantly  occupied by our busy fly tippers causing vehicles to pass on the carriage way where they don’t quite fit thereby leaving wheel damage to the soft verge. This includes a horse rider who has clippity-clopped on ‘Dobbin’ along the soft verge trashing all the daffodils planted along Abbe’s Walk in the process. Brilliant.

Perhaps we need a sign which reminds drivers to try and drive on the black coloured part of the road.

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