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Wise Move Builds Bird Box

Most people have been tempted by the RSPB to make the odd bird box. But Burghwallis thinks big. Why not build one for one of the biggest birds in the UK. Why not build a bird box for an owl. 

Some might ask which twit thought of this. Why could this be considered to be a wise move, but having built it the object was to woo an owl to live in it. Thank you for listening to all this.

Kev Dyson got out his spanner’s, hammers, saw and nails, well screws actually, and build a most splendid owl box complete with felt roofing; he’s a man for detail. Overcoming the desperate shortage of timber in the country by using recycled material the sturdy box was finished apart from one small detail. Owls like living in the direction of up, master of all they survey. Shifting a box of this size up a tree needed team work to prove if NASA can plonk a rover on Mars – Burghwallis can shove a bird box up a tree.

Kev Dyson, Birdman of Burghwallis
Ladders and Team work needed; Rob holds the tree steady whilst Dave fits the box
Rob checks if he could fit in the box – just in case things get tetchy with Brenda during the lockdown

The team described the event as being a bit of a hoot (sorry we’re nearly done) and a to let sign duly erected. Hopefully its new owner can move in before the stamp duty holiday ends. 

Home for one owl to let.

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