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Missing Welcome Sign

Whilst avoiding the pot holes along Scorcher Hills you may have also noticed the “Welcome to Burghwallis” sign has dunarunner. This a temporary situation as the sign has been sent away for repair.

Some time ago the sign was struck by an unknown vehicle, probably avoiding one of our nice potholes. Unfortunately apart from disappearing into the night they managed to damage the back of the sign. When the refurbished  front plates were then installed last year, a couple of hardy councillors attempted to repair the damaged backing, with only partial success, along with the destruction of a drill bit. No – they were holding the drill properly but overlooked the need to compensate for the rotation of the earth

This winter has seen the backing deteriorate to the point where there was no option but to have it repaired professionally. Proper job. It is hoped this exercise will be completed shortly and the sign can recommence welcoming travellers to the village.

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