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New Totem Pole Arrives in Burghwallis

Further to the arrival of the granite obelisk along Abbe’s Walk we have been blessed with another object pointing skywards. What ever it is, it sits happily on top of a 20 foot pole that popped up along Grange Road about 50 metres beyond the telephone box – and looking very important. But what is it, what does it do and why is there?

Some say it was put there to act as a conversation piece, what with the dark nights approaching and the onset of the village hibernation it is a cunning plan to keep us communicating during winter. Someone should know what it is, which is why we are having a competition aptly entitled “What the hell is it”?

Initial suggestions include an odour sensor that will activate a siren each time the winds blows our way after muck spreading. Further, rather crude suggestions, have been made as to what the siren should sound like.

If you have a more informed idea of the function of our new totem pole please use the comment box below and put the rest of us out of our misery. In the meantime it is suggested we avoid any inclination to join hands and dance around the thing, at least until we are sure.


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