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Pettycoat Lane 1673

It would appear that some skulduggery was afoot in Burghwallis in 1673

The following extract from the magistrates court is logged at the Wakefield archives. Unfortunately we are left hanging (not literally ) as to the outcome. Possible a little late for the sequel.

Wakefield, West Yorkshire Archive Service
TitleInformation of Sarah Foster, wife of William Foster of Burghwallis, about her missing grey petticoat
DescriptionShe had left her house for an hour and on her return found the petticoat and three shillings missing; she suspected Margery, wife of Robert Jubb of Burghwallis as it was found that she had sold the petticoat to Ann Parker
Information of Ann Parker of Adwick: she had bought the petticoat from Margery Jubb for three shillings
Information of John Parker of Burghwallis, cooper: he had seen Margery Jubb enter William Foster’s house and leave with something in her apron
Examination of Margery Jubb: she had gone into William Foster’s house but denied taking the petticoat or the three shillings
Date26 Sep 1673

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  • And I thought it was safe to leave my washing on the line – not anymore.
    Any more interesting tales?

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