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Pinfold Gets Overhaul

The original function of the pinfold was to hold stray sheep caught wandering around the village until the farmer collected them and paid a fine for their release.

We don’t have any sheep now but there is a possibility of capturing a small child instead. Not ideal as the parents might be a tad reluctant to part with a fine! The pinfold is designed for one way traffic – ideally to stop the sheep from scarpering. The open wells, and steep steps that are a bit wobbly and slippery means someone could modify themselves if they weren’t too careful – especially a small child.

Pinfold security fence

The Parish council have therefore installed new covers to the wells and a fence and gate to prevent anyone from accidentally ending up at the bottom of the pinfold. The slightly better news is the council will accept a contactless payment of 3 groats for your release.

Pinfold top well cover
Pinfold bottom well cover

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