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Things That go Bump in The Night – And Day

For some years now, we have been subjected to the perils of driving to Sutton and back along Burghwallis Lane, with its plethora of potholes and rough road surface. And you can only imagine how the bus drivers feel as they lump, bump and squeeze along a Lane that has deteriorated so as to resemble an outback dirt track with the occasional smattering of tarmac.

At last though, there is relief! DMBC are planning to give the road surface some much needed TLC! This will include some pre-patching prior to the provision of a new carriageway surfacing, using micro-ashphalt.

As usual, there is a downside though. To enable the work to be carried out, there will be a series of road closures between September 1st and October 31st. There are planned to be 5 sessions when the road will be closed, each closure lasting no longer than 3 days.

All closures will be accompanied by appropriate signage, and the properties along Burghwallis Lane will all receive specific instructions about access arrangements during the periods when the road is closed.

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