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Be Prepared!

As we are sure everyone knows, this is the motto of the Boy Scouts. Now it applies to the residents of Burghwallis, particularly those of us who use The Abbe’s Walk.

On the weekend of 5th to 7th July, the Scouts are holding their biennial district Bungle-ee event in Squirrel Wood. Don’t ask what this involves, but they do it every two years!

What matters for us is that several hundred scouts will be descending on the camp site (together with their chauffeurs etc) for the weekend.

This means that there will be a considerable increase in traffic along The Abbe’s Walk, from Owston to the camp site between 5.00 and 9.00 pm on the Friday evening, exacerbated by return trips by those who have dropped off their scouting offspring for the weekend. The reverse situation will apply on the Sunday afternoon between 2.00 and 6.00 pm.

Although participants have been advised to stagger their arrival and departure times, to help to reduce the congestion, no doubt there will still be some disruption to the free flow of traffic. Marshals will be used to point people in the right direction too.

You have been warned!

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