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Things That Go Bump In The Night Update

A month or so ago one of our speedy friends took both the corner around the war memorial a little too fast and half the war memorial wall with them. Slam dunk as they say. Rock versus Range Rover.

The car was somewhat modified and landed on its side 50 meters around the corner. Regrettably the stone wall suffered significant damage but luckily was covered by insurance. After a search for suitable builders a team from Campsall were appointed who have completed the repair to the stonework and the gates, which needed a little reworking, have now been rehung. The war memorial once again stands resplendent in its function to remind us of the losses from two world wars.

There remains one small detail. Anyone who pauses by the war memorial can witness an array of vehicles, large and small who career around the corner at pace clipping the corner. Let’s hope the rebuilt wall is saved from further damage.

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