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Village Compost Heap

Thanks to the resourcefulness of a few parish councillors and their spouses we now have a communal compost heap in the village Playing Field.

It is at the east end of the park near the vehicle gate. A classic piece of recycling; the enclosure being formed from some wooden pallets and a few hearty stakes left over from Halloween, pointed ends and all. 

The container was immediately filled to overflowing with leaves gathered from the playing field by the same hardy souls. If you have any compostable items from your garden, and a full green wheely bin feel free to add the overflow to the village compost heap. It may look full but the little tiny microbe chaps and nature in general will soon turn the garden waste into useful compost. And the good news is you can help yourself to this bounty of nature.

If the space available is inadequate it can be extended with a few extra pallets. We just need to watch out for the bogans who think old toilets, kitchen furniture, TV sets and Red Bull cans are compostable. 


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